Methods for removing MetaCrawler from your computer

By | 07.04.2016

It happens like this: start the computer and you find something that has not yet happened yesterday. Even experienced users are sometimes difficult to understand, you need an innovation or not, and where it came from, let alone inexperienced! That can also occur suddenly and MetaCrawler. And what to do with it?

What is the application?

Where does this «charm»? Usually, it goes «makeweight» to free software downloaded from the Internet. You can catch it on torrent trackers (especially without moderation) and other resources that provide something tempting free.

What are its dangers? Nominally, MetaCrawler — search engine, which is the owner of a consolidated sample of some of the most popular systems — Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. The problem is that half of them are not at all intended for Runet.. The program redirects the browser to a page, making it the default start page. The worst thing is that it captures the traffic, resulting in a low-speed operation or the connection to the ISP. Traffic is not limited to: the program be able to intercept and transmit the «master» personal data such as passwords and user names of accounts, so the computer becomes completely vulnerable to outside intrusion.

We must face the truth: MetaCrawler — it is a virus, one of the most dangerous. Those ones who quietly, without attracting attention, can transmit data over the years of his «ward» is not known to whom. Therefore, the sooner it will be able to detect and remove, the better.

Automatic removal

The first and most obvious way to remove MetaCrawler — use Antivirus. However, as is often the case with the Trojans, he can not help. Then you should try the special anti-virus utilities such as Dr.WEB. CureIt !, AVZ, Antiviral ToolKit Pro and others. The main thing to remember that they need to run the right mouse button, selecting the option «Run as administrator», otherwise the vaccine simply will not have permission to remove the virus. The best way to remove this virus immediately, without wasting time on useless (and futile) treatment.

Manual removal

Manually get rid of MetaCrawler Search is not so simple. We’ll have to make a thorough amount of effort and produce a variety of routine activities.

But all they have to perform, if the automatic option does not help.

    1. Close virus application from Task Manager. However, click on the button «End Task» will not help, because MetaCrawler in general unlikely to be displayed in this list — why should he declare himself so openly? He will appear only in the list of processes on the tab of the same name, where you have to find Metacrawler Search Toolbar, select it and click «End Process.» The system will issue a standard warning that this action could lead to unpredictable consequences, but it can be ignored. By the way, then you can try to make check Antivirus again. Most likely it will be better than before, because just the presence of the virus in memory and prevent the antivirus to remove it.
    2. Find and delete all associated files and folders virus. Here, all means are good. You can use the tool and remove programs from the Control Panel (in the list just looking Metacrawler Search Toolbar). You can use the system and search for the name, and just manually browse the Program Files folder (Program Files (x86)) in the presence of similar objects.
    3. Now the most difficult and important step — removing MetaCrawler related objects and relationships in the registry. To do this, go to the Start menu and in «Run» enter into a text string regedit. To find used pop registry key F3, while in the search box you need to enter the name of the virus. All found objects are simply deleted without editing.
    4. After performing these steps, you must restart the computer and see what happens.

Typically, these actions enough to forget about the virus, but still worth checking out.

Additional recommendations

If the above-described manual removal of the virus does not work, it is necessary to make all of these steps in safe mode. To this end, immediately after turning on the computer you need to press F8.V boot options list, select «Safe Mode with network drivers.»

If all else fails, there is another way — to roll back the system up to date, even when the infection was not exact. To do this, go to Control Panel — System and Security — Backup and Restore — Restore your computer (in some versions of Windows Restore point is located directly in the Control Panel). The system automatically prompts the last restore point. If it does not fit, you have to click on the button «Choose a different restore point» and select one. After this is simply to not touch the computer until it is rebooted. But this method is available, tolkoesli enabled automatic system recovery if the backup is not done, then choose not anything else.

Additionally, you need to disable MetaCrawler browsers. The virus is written in the add-ons (extensions) browser. There also need to look for it in the Tools menu are looking for:

  • for Internet Explorer: Manage Add-ons — Toolbars and Extensions;
  • for Mozilla Firefox: Add-ons — Extensions;
  • for Google Chrome Chrome button in it, too, Tools — Extensions.

We find in the opened «» list and click «Remove»

After all these actions have to restart the computer, and only then can breathe freely — from MetaCrawler managed to get rid of.

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