Spartan: questions, answers and explanations in the Q&A session with the developers

By | 10.12.2018

Spartan: questions, answers and explanations in the Q&A session with the developers

Yesterday, the developers Explorer Developer Team (IE Dev) participated in the session «Questions and Answers» on Twitter. The topic of discussion was the new browser Spartan, which recently became available in Windows 10 Technical Preview, but still not integrated into the version of the operating system for smartphones.

The developers explained some aspects of the version for smartphones, talked about the desktop versions and coexistence with IE11, which will remain in Windows 10 for compatibility reasons.

Some of the most interesting questions and answers are presented below:

Questions about version for smartphones

  • Why is the address bar located at the top of the interface? The design of the smartphone version is not final, the team monitors the feedback received.
  • Spartan for smartphones will support Flash? No, because Adobe no longer supports mobile Flash.
  • In the mobile version are the tools for developers? Yes, are under development.
  • The browser will support downloading files in the background on smartphones? Currently this feature is not planned.

General questions

  • Will the browser icon to pin sites to the taskbar, as it allows Internet Explorer? Sites will gain a foothold in the «start menu» in the form of tiles.
  • Spartan will be available for other operating systems – Android, iOS, etc.? At the moment this is not in the plans. The team is focused on creating a good web experience for Windows 10.
  • Spartan will have extensions? Information on extensions will be provided later.
  • Will there be added a button «Home»? Our goal is to create as simple interface and reduce the number of unnecessary elements, but we are open to any suggestions.
  • Spartan will be available only in one version or two (desktop and touch), as IE in Windows 8.1? Spartan will use the Continuum to ensure a comfortable usage experience as when working with the mouse and using the touch screen.
  • Should I wait for a Chrome-like system for the synchronization of bookmarks with Internet access? Bookmarks will sync between all devices with Windows 10.
  • Spartan will be able to save notes directly to OneDrive? The developers are working on implementing this.
  • Spartan will support live tiles. Yes, Live Tiles will be supported.
  • Spartan will support RSS? Integration of RSS feeds is currently not planned.
  • Do you plan to achieve quick display of all open tabs using Ctrl + Q (as in IE8)? No, not planned, but we are considering several similar concepts.
  • Spartan will support multi-window mode with the ability to move tabs between different Windows? Work in multiple Windows now supports Spartan, and the ability to move tabs between Windows would be added later.
  • Spartan will support you refresh the page with Ctrl + R? Yes. This combination will be added soon.
  • What happened to the billion of Internet Explorer settings? The settings menu will remain the same «bad»? Our team is ready to listen to your feedback about which settings should be restored.
  • The default browser in Windows 10 will be Spartan or IE11? Spartan.
  • Spartan will be available for Windows 7? There are no such plans. Windows 7 users can free upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Will there be a private mode? This feature is in development.
  • Will there be a test version can import bookmarks from other browsers or is this feature reserved for final release? Currently, Spartan will automatically import your favorites from IE. Import from other browsers is being developed.
  • What is the impact on performance would be web engine Spartan? Spartan is faster than IE and IE Modern UI.
  • Spartan gets the lowest score in the test You plan to close the gap with Chrome, Firefox and Safari? We are working on adding support for a larger number of standards.

IE 11 in Windows 10

  • I can create a shortcut to IE on the taskbar to launch the web browser? Yes, IE will continue to work like any other Win32 application.
  • How long will be supported by IE? We don’t know, but Microsoft expects that users will migrate to a new browser is slow, although the duration of the process is impossible to predict.
  • IE11 in Windows 10 will be hidden or disabled? IE is not placed on the taskbar or in the start menu, it will be available among «Standard Windows» (Windows Accessories).

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