South Korea plans to transition to an open source code

By | 11.12.2018

South Korea plans to transition to open source

Южная Корея планирует переход на открытый исходный код

The South Korean government is planning the transition from Windows to open source software in the coming years. The goal is to reduce the cost of the license and to put an end to dependence on Microsoft.

Plan migration to open source needs to be implemented by 2020, according to TechEye. This will be preceded by the launch of several pilot programs, which will include 10 public and private institutions.

Recently the government of South Korea switched from Windows XP to Windows 7, but in 2020, when the term of support for this operating system, the various institutions in the country can once and for all to say goodbye with the software from Microsoft.

The results of the pilot programs should demonstrate whether the operating system is open source appropriate for the administration of South Korea. If all goes smoothly until 2018, the government is translated into open source and other systems.

Similar plans related to open source, has the British government. And the administration of Munich migrated from Windows to Linux a few years ago and have saved serious money because it no longer pays for a license for the software.

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