SoundCloud Shadow – Welcome to SoundCloud!

By | 10.12.2018

SoundCloud Shadow – Welcome to SoundCloud!

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All fans of good music have discovered an online music service SoundCloud. It is much more convenient to use streaming than downloading music to your device.

In this article we want to talk about the application that is designed for easy use service SoundCloud on devices with Windows 8.1.

SoundCloud Shadow is a new SoundCloud client in the Windows store, which has everything you need to audiophiles could always enjoy listening to the best tracks!

Using this app you can listen to your favorite music, even if you are not registered on SoundCloud.

The functionality of SoundCloud Shadow allows you to search for and listen to music on the service, upload your best tracks to favorites, to be aware of all the new and popular music, and music to cache the content for later playback without Internet connection.

In addition, SoundCloud Shadow is easy to use and has an interesting design, which is important when you select an application.

And now a little more about using the app.

At the first run Welcome page opens where you can type in your first search query.

Then you get to the main page of the app. Here you can begin listening to the music and select tracks to add to your favorites or cache.

On the wishlist page you will always have quick access to your favorite tracks.

Button arrow leads to the page with your cache. Going to keshirovaniya tracks, you can play them without the Internet. If your page cache is empty, the application will always start from the Welcome page.

SoundCloud Shadow – Добро пожаловать на SoundCloud!SoundCloud Shadow – Добро пожаловать на SoundCloud!SoundCloud Shadow – Добро пожаловать на SoundCloud!SoundCloud Shadow – Добро пожаловать на SoundCloud!SoundCloud Shadow – Добро пожаловать на SoundCloud!

It’s simple and very convenient!

If you do not even know what you want to hear – on SoundCloud you’ll find lots of artists and tracks for every taste. Shadow and SoundCloud will help you find it all fast and convenient!

Wherever you were! What ever you do! Turn on your favourite track and listen to it from SoundCloud Shadow!

Download Shadow SoundCloud available for free from the Windows store.

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