Sound not working on computer Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

Sound not working on computer Windows 7

Operating system from Microsoft called Windows 7 has a sufficiently large number of different advantages. It is extremely reliable.

However, there sometimes arise problems of different types. Most often they are associated with the loss of sound as system messages, and media (movies and music).

The main causes and methods of elimination

The sound is not working on Windows 7 for a variety of reasons.

But there are the most common:

  • volume control;
  • of connected audio devices;
  • audio parameters;
  • the Windows Audio service;
  • the setting in the BIOS;
  • problem in the speakers;
  • check the driver;
  • the status of the sound card.

Since the list of issues which arise appear all sorts of problems is quite extensive, you should start Troubleshooting with the most obvious. Thus, you can save significant time in Troubleshooting.

Volume control

Consider the operating system allows just a couple of movements to change the volume level of functioning speakers on the computer. It often happens that the user inadvertently, or any other application without interference, reduce the volume level to the minimum.

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

Check the condition of the mixer in the first place.

This requires the following steps:

  • go to the desktop vindovs 7;
  • in the lower right corner of the control panel to find the speaker icon – usually in white;
  • click on it once, click with the left mouse button on the «mixer»;
  • all sliders should be in the upper position.

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

If one of the regulators is in the lowermost position, it is necessary to increase the level. The speaker icon in no case should not be crossed the red line. This is possible not only in the case when the level is really low, but also defects in «wood».

Connecting audio devices

The probability that the presence of problems of the type under consideration is not properly connect audio devices.

For example:

  • is not fully inserted dynamics plug in the hole audio card;
  • the connection is not in the connector;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • the very sound card is not connected properly.

Very often it happens that the owner of the PC due to carelessness is not fully inserted into the socket of the special 3.5 mm plug. This kind of trouble occur frequently. When such a situation arises, the operation of the speakers is barely audible or completely gone. It is not necessary to prevent similar missteps. Often due to the fact that the plug is not inserted to the end, burn out the connector on the Board.

Almost all sound cards to date there are several connectors for special plugs. They all have different functions – linear input and output, microphone and others. Most often, the output under normal computer speakers are painted in light green color. If you confuse the socket and insert the plug the wrong way, then columns to carry out its functions will not.

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

The audio settings

Windows 7 is a veritable multimedia machine. There are quite a number of different settings that allow you to easily pick up the sound desired level.

To access these options, you must follow the steps:

  • click on the «start»button;
  • select «control Panel»;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • find the section called «Sound»;
  • click on it twice.

A window will open which will have several tabs. You need to choose «playback»->»speakers» — >properties. Find the slider under the «levels» and move it to the position of the maximum in the right extreme. You must pay attention to the image of the speaker icon. No red crossed lines should not be.

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

If after changing the level in the mixer the hell continues to be present on the icon, it’s likely the problem lies directly in the hardware or «wood». We need to pay maximum attention to these aspects.

Windows Audio Service

For the execution of all functions of the soundcard in the OS from Microsoft is a special service called WindowsAudio. If all the above methods of restoring normal operation mode of the columns has not brought any results, then most likely, the problem lies in the services.

The system under consideration sometimes have problems of this type. A special service is included, but the operation is not carried out as expected. In such a situation can help a normal service restart.

To do this:

  • click on the «start» button, find «control Panel»;
  • select the icon labeled «administrative tools»;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • click on «computer Management»;
  • find «Services and applications»;
  • select «service»;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • click on «Windows Audio»;
  • open the context menu, right-click and select the item called «restart».

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

After that, it is advisable to reboot your personal computer. So changes immediately take effect after switching off and then switching on the considered service.

The setting in the BIOS

Many motherboards are equipped with built-in soundcard, which is used by the system for playback. Since this device is part of the motherboard that control different functions at the hardware level is done using the BIOS. Not infrequently it happens that soundcardне operates just because of the fact that the built-in card is simply turned off.

To turn on the built-in soundcardshould be followed in strict order certain actions:

  • immediately after starting your personal computer, you need to start as quickly as possible to press the button Delete;
  • load the configuration table BIOS;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • find the tab called Advanced, or similar name;
  • to choose using the arrow buttons or «+»/»-» item called HighDefinitionAudio;
  • left/right arrows, set the switch in the Enabled position;
  • select «save and exit setup», press Enter;
  • perform a restart of the operating system.

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

Such actions make it possible to check whether the reason for the audio failure disabling the respective hardware of the personal computer.

Problem in the speakers

Unless running the sound in the headphones in Windows 7 or in columns, it should be possible to carefully study very playback device. Perhaps the reason lies in the presence of faults in the relevant parts of the PC.

To check the performance of audio equipment in two ways:

  • visually;
  • on the other PC.

Sometimes to determine whether there is to be any failure in the device is quite simple. It is only necessary to examine the case of speakers or headphones visually. But it is much safer to just connect them to another PC, player, player. If the music from another source appeared, it is likely that the problem lies not in the speakers.

Video: Lost sound on computer What to do?

Test driver

Sometimes problems arise because of the «wood» soundcard. If they are old enough and have not been updated, then the probability is very high. You can check them easy enough.

You only need:

  • click on «start»;
  • open «control panel»;
  • select «device Manager»;

    Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

  • to find the branch «sound, video and game controllers».

Opening this branch, we should pay attention to the icons – there should not be any exclamation or question marks. Their presence indicates a serious problem – in this case, the probability of no sound. To update an outdated driver, it should be in the appropriate tab click on «Update».

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

The status of the sound card

Necessary when problems of this type to check the condition of the soundcard. If for some reason it are visible to the naked eye damage (burnt areas, swollen capacitors), you will need to perform complex hardware repairs. In some cases, it is easier not to repair the card and buy a new one.

Methods of solution when the sound does not work

Solution methods in cases where the audio does not work vary depending on the type of fault.

You can divide them into the following categories:

  • when the connectors on the front panel of the system unit;
  • when new operating system is installed;
  • all the drivers installed;
  • after the upgrade.

On the front panel of the system unit

Many PC owners take out the 3.5 mm connectors on the front panel of the system unit PC and the speakers cease to function. In 90% of cases the reason lies in the wrong connecting cables. To check this simply enough – it is only necessary to insert the plug into the appropriate connector at the rear of the system unit.

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

If the problem lies in the incorrect Assembly, the user needs only to implement it again, after consultation with a specialist or on the Internet forum.

After installation

When speakers do not work after reinstalling the OS, you should validate the selected drivers. Often, the problem lies in them. You must download the appropriate «fuel» from the official manufacturer’s website and install them. Installed the standard driver is not always suitable to some soundcard.

All the drivers are installed

It happens that initially the speakers of the PC worked normally, but after installing all the necessary drivers stopped. Most likely, the reason lies in the «wood». In such a situation, you can turn off, or remove the installed software and reboot PC. The search problem domain is done by process of elimination.

Звук не работает на компе с ОС Windows 7

After updating

If you are using headphones or other audio devices refuse to work after OS upgrade, you may need to reinstall the soundcard driver. Most often, the cause of the problem lies in outdated software for your hardware.

Problems of this type are fairly common. It therefore should be possible to study in detail how to resolve them. This will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the time for Troubleshooting.

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