Sony may release a smartphone with Windows Phone in 2014

By | 10.12.2018

Sony may release a smartphone with Windows Phone in 2014

The Japanese company Sony is considering launching a smartphone with Windows Phone, reports the Information. If this happens, we will see another competitor for Nokia, which currently dominates the market for smartphones with this operating system. A little competition never hurts.

Reportedly, the Japanese company and Microsoft have repeatedly discussed this idea, but so far negotiations have not led to any results. Future product, however, can go under the Vaio brand, writes The Information.

Despite the fact that Nokia will soon be bought by Microsoft, it does not prevent negotiations with Sony. The company has even discussed the design of a prototype device. However, they have not yet come to an agreement, and not the fact that they will succeed, especially if they can’t agree on licensing fees.

The Lumia series is dominant in the ecosystem of mobile operating system from Microsoft, but to achieve such a result is not difficult, given the extent of competition in this market. Samsung and HTC remain focused on devices with Android, and if Microsoft wants to make Windows Phone more popular among consumers, will have to try to find serious partners. There are rumors about a possible partnership with Chinese manufacturer ZTE, which, perhaps, will produce budget smartphones with Windows Phone for the US, China and Europe.

: The Verge

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