something to play Blu-ray and DVD on Windows 8?

By | 11.12.2018

Than play Blu-ray and DVD on Windows 8?

When in October last year was released the retail version of Windows 8, it brought many improvements compared with earlier versions, but despite this, many users aren’t happy with the new operating system.

Чем воспроизводить Blu-ray и DVD на компьютере с Windows 8?

The new interface, the lack of the classic start menu, advanced dialog box copy/move files, new task Manager and Charms bar are only a few innovations among many others. However, not all features (or no features) you can really be regarded as an improvement. I can’t understand the dissatisfaction of the users, which is associated with the failure of Microsoft from the start, but some changes just defy explanation. In the top of my list of «improvements» is the inability of the operating system out of the box to play a DVD or Blu-ray discs. To fix this, you need to take some measures. For Blu-ray playback, you can use powerful commercial tools, and if the money did not want to pay, the web is full of free programs that can do the same without damaging your pocket.

Before going any further, you should take into account the hardware limitations that you may face while trying to play Blu-ray. First of all, on your computer or laptop must be installed optical drive which supports Blu-ray. Traditionally, laptops and desktop computers sold in stores without such drives (except for the expensive copies), so you may need to buy a Blu-ray drive. Next comes the software part.

Чем воспроизводить Blu-ray и DVD на компьютере с Windows 8?

Of paid software, I would advise the application PowerDVD, which will cost you something around $ 50. The application is very powerful and capable, but usually demanding. Of free solutions you can try VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic. Both players seems to be in no way inferior to its paid counterpart, and include advanced settings. Although it should be noted that VLC only supports unencrypted Blu-ray discs.

Чем воспроизводить Blu-ray и DVD на компьютере с Windows 8?

And finally – if you bought a computer with pre-loaded Windows 8, it can be a program to play media files (I usually find such programs are useless and must be immediately removed, but sometimes they are standing), which can also be used to play Blu-ray discs. In addition, if you separately purchased external Blu-ray drive, it can also be packaged with the disk, which is likely to be written instrument to play, so be sure to check it out.

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