Solve the problem of freezes laptop while working

By | 10.12.2018

Solved the problem of unresponsiveness of the laptop while working

To work effectively requires reliable equipment, which is not crashes, not hangs and does not force the user to be distracted by technical issues. To hang maybe even a new powerful technique. Why the laptop hangs while working on how to reduce the response time of the equipment and to prevent the recurrence of failures?

Technical reasons

Over time, fails any technique. Laptops — is no exception.

To fail, overheat and not work properly and result in a crash can:

  • processor;
  • «motherboard» (the motherboard);
  • video card;
  • memory card (RAM).

    Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

All these details notebook is equipped with a fuse. They can burn out if you are using incompatible software or output components of the system. You can replace the element yourself, but is easier to contact the service center. To diagnose and replacement parts in the home is not easy. If the laptop is under warranty opening the case will deprive you of the right to free replacement parts, if it has discovered a factory defect.

Frequent technical causes of unresponsiveness:

  1. the failure of one or more components (including because of a manufacturing defect);
  2. natural obsolescence of computer (hardware cannot cope with the service);
  3. the conflict between the components (hardware incompatibility).

If the laptop worked fine, and after preventive maintenance or repairs started hanging out — possibly in the service center installed components, which can’t work effectively with the rest of the details. When there is a guarantee on the repair is to re-contact the service and ask them to run a diagnostic.

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

Common problems

Before sending laptop to the service center should make sure that the hang isn’t caused by one of the common problems. This can be done by yourself or calling the wizard in the house. The testing, conducted internally, will enable you to save money. Most tools to check for common problems with freeware or shareware. For personal use and one-time inspection, no need to buy expensive professional applications.

This files most often lead to freeze laptop:

  • infection of systems by viruses;
  • overheating of one of components;
  • the simultaneous launch of a large number of applications;
  • clogging of the registry of obsolete data;
  • the problem with the drivers (improper installation, lack of tools, the use of unsuitable versions);
  • slow network connection (if the system hangs when working with online applications).

Any of these problems can be diagnosed at home and try to correct yourself.

Video: Why the laptop heats up


Even if the anti-malware application is able to sneak in the system. Problems worms are numerous:

  1. lock PC with the purpose of obtaining payment for «treatment»;
  2. hidden spam to other users;
  3. the collection of information (e.g., passwords from payment systems, Bank account numbers and so on).

    Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

If the antivirus has not been installed, place and scan the system. If you set the antivirus should be updated the virus database and run a full scan. Another option is to use a utility to protect against an alternative company.

Infected files will have to delete or move to quarantine, if the antivirus failed to treatment.

High CPU temperature

Overheating of the processor cause:

  1. the dust in the housing;
  2. the failure or slowing of the cooler;
  3. incorrect positioning of the computer during operation (the overlap of the outflow of air).

    Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

Equipment needs periodic cleaning from dust, which accumulates in the body and prevents hot exhaust air. The minimum clearance can be done independently, vacuum holes (connectors, slots for air outlet and so on) mini vacuum cleaner. For a complete cleaning of the computer have to be disassembled.

This operation is best to trust the techniques to a specialized service center. The CPU is cooled by a separate cooler (fan). If the damage of the cooler or of the power wires connected to it, the processor overheats quickly. The system hangs, eventually the laptop stops included.

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

The cooler may not fail completely, but to spin fast enough. The bearing lubricant dries, drive power is not enough in order to maintain the desired cooling number of rotations. Both problems are solved by replacing the cooler is a cheap enough part. The old cooler to prolong the service life of the grease with lubricating oil. This is a temporary measure, to repeat the lubricant will have time in a couple of months.

A lot of unnecessary files and programs

Windows keeps in memory a variety of routines. Utility, driver, service, OS all the time active in the background. This alone gives a solid load on older models of the PC.

The more apps installed the more additional processes technology has to control. Part of the firmware needed to work ON, loaded with Windows, slowing the operation.

To speed up the OS and forget about the hang-UPS will help minimize the amount of background applications. Some of them appear in the system tray (on the taskbar), some are only visible in «task Manager» (Processes tab).

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

To clear the startup list of unnecessary a free utility such as CCleaner. On the tools tab->startup->Windows displays all commands and files that run when you log in to your account. Everything that is not required by the user for quick access, should be removed from the list. If the name of the process you are not familiar with, before you uninstall make sure the service is not a service or a component of the OS itself.

Incorrect driver installation

Components PC worked correctly and smoothly, special microfilaremia drivers. Included with the operating system usually go a universal driver that is compatible with most devices. However, for each model of equipment best suited program from the manufacturer.

Without drivers, a separate hardware part of a PC may not work properly. Device hangs, overheats, is unpredictable.

Check for drivers through device Manager. If the component list next to the name displays a yellow icon with an exclamation mark — Windows found problems with the functioning of the hardware.

Windows supports automatic search for drivers. But to ensure compatibility, you should download the file from the manufacturer’s website hardware and install it manually.

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

Leads to problems and incompatibility of the drivers. The market for PC components is actively developed and the developers don’t always have time to promptly resolve conflicts between versions of software.

For example, if you replace your video card, the installation of new «wood» may cause the system to hang if the files violate the configuration and interfere with other devices.

In this case it helps a maintainer update for all components. An alternative way is to put a new component for an older version of the system driver.

The failure of the programs

Hang around operating equipment and the results of the failure of one or more applications running on the device. Problems are caused by «bugs» (errors made by programmers when developing), lack of memory, conflict programs.

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

If the problem occurred for the first time, it is enough to reboot and run the app again. The new in Windows RAM is cleared. If slow response resulted in an overflow of RAM, a reboot will cure the problem.

If one application stops responding when run in parallel, another program maybe they expect the same service and come into conflict. You should pick up another to perform tasks or open programs at one time.

If the program crashes or «hangs» the system, most likely, it is installed incorrectly or under development, the creators made a critical error. Corrects the situation re-installing the application from scratch. If this does not help, the program will have to be abandoned in favor of a more secure environment for work.

Some important tips

In the hang technique the first test step is to restart the system. Small occasional crashes ON this approach will eliminate. If the PC hangs regularly, is to test the device in the presence of more significant problems. Testing for viruses should be carried out regularly.

Antivirus programs allow you to configure the automatic scan (e.g., weekly). Disable the antivirus even on a weak machine is not recommended: as a result you can lose not only important files but also confidential information or financial resources.

Решаем проблему зависания ноутбука во время работы

With frequent lockups car only run those programs that are needed at the moment. Delete unnecessary files and applications that are not in use. This saves device resources, and response time will decrease. Cheaper to regularly clean the laptop from dust, periodically contact the service for complete cleaning of the equipment.

Minimal care and cleaning holes for removing the dust allows you to save time and money, and at the same time extend the life of your PC. Most often the root cause of computer freezes is a lack of proper care of hardware and attention to software.

A large part of the complexity of the software, you can correct yourself. If the device continues to hang, you should check the technical components. This action should be entrusted to professionals a certified service center. To diagnose hardware problems require special equipment and skills. While trying to solve the problem on their own you risk further damage your computer.

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