Soft Organizer – utility to completely uninstall programs

By | 10.12.2018

Soft Organizer – utility to completely remove programs

Most desktop programs left after uninstallation on your hard disk garbage service files and directories, and entries in the system registry. In addition to debris disks digital debris remaining after the removal of applications «tails» may cause errors when you install new versions of software. To deal with this phenomenon in two ways. Either manually remove the remnants after the uninstallation of the program files and folders, or to resort to the help of special scripts to track the location of currently installed programs.

One such Uninstaller is Soft Organizer – utility to completely remove the desktop in Windows. The principle of operation of this utility is as follows: when a user installs some application, the utility tracks the installation process and remembers the location where installed the program copies your files. At the same time captures the creation of new keys in the system registry.

When uninstalling Soft Organizer is drawn to the magazine and makes its removal according to previously made recordings. Thanks to this simple mechanism ensures complete deletion themselves executables, and directory all the temporary and utility files that applications have time to create during your work.

Soft Organizer has a simple and user-friendly interface with support for Russian language. Working utility window consists of two parts. In the left part you can see the basic commands, on the right is a list of the installed programs. For each program to indicate its version, company name, developer, installation date, status (tracked or not) and frequency of removal in percent. Dragging the mouse any program in the list, you can view preliminary information on the location of the files on the hard drive and keys in the registry.

Soft Organizer – утилита для полного удаления программ

To remove Soft Organizer knows how tracked and undetected applications. In the second case, you first remove the program itself, and then the utility removes all associated files and folders that I can find. This removal method has a higher quality than without the use of Soft Organizer, but can be considered only uninstall programs that were tracked. Procedure tracking application installation is very simple.

Soft Organizer – утилита для полного удаления программ

You need to choose the option «Install the program», in the opened window of the wizard, click «next» and after a snapshot of the system state, click «Start installation», specify the path to the executable file and install the application as usual. Then again press «next» and wait for completion of re-scanning and adding records to the log.

Soft Organizer – утилита для полного удаления программ

Uninstalling is about the same. First performed a standard uninstall, then searches for leftovers and delete them completely from the disk. By the way, it can be done some time after the removal of the basic application files.

Soft Organizer – утилита для полного удаления программ

Special claims for Soft Organizer no. Utility works quickly, and the most important quality, not yielding in this respect, as its commercial counterparts. Also, you probably appreciate a set of additional features. Soft Organizer supports automatic search for updates for installed programs, displaying the list of system components, create an exclusion list for files, folders, and registry keys. Available in Soft Organizer is a simple search, as well as undo changes, however, to restore with it, only the residual program files and registry keys.

The program is offered for 600 rubles. Trial-version.

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