Social network «Odnoklassniki»: what is the reason of popularity

By | 10.12.2018

Why Odnoklassniki is the most popular among Russian-speaking?

Active development of Internet technologies has opened up lots of new and unique possibilities. If people could communicate with their friends only in real life, today our contemporaries have the opportunity — communication in web services. If earlier the person the maximum number of real friends does not exceed ten to twenty people, today, thanks to the advent of social networking, the Internet user may have about two hundred-five hundred friends.

In the CIS, the emergence of social networks can be called socio new phenomenon, as this event is dated to the years 2003-2006. The most relevant and popular social network in the former Soviet Union today is the network of «Classmates».

This Russian social network today collected by over 100 million users. «Classmates» are now considered the first and largest social network that help you build, reflect and organize social relations and to visualize them in boundless web-space.

Социальная сеть Одноклассники: в чем причина популярности

In contrast to the highly specialized social resources, «Classmates» are a serious network where three strictly enforced compulsory formal aspects:

  • providing to the user the full range of possibilities for the exchange of personal information (the ability to put on a resource «Schoolmates» own photos and videos, the ability to work in the service micro-blogging, the ability to specify your own location);
  • creating a social network «Schoolmates» unique real profiles, where it is obligatory to specify true information about yourself;
  • the vast majority of friends, recorded in a social network «Classmates» are real friends, relatives, classmates or fellow students.

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