Social network addiction, an outlet or a place to earn?

By | 10.12.2018

Social network addiction, an outlet or a place to earn?

Nowadays the world wide web has been very widespread in the world. Despite the fact that the Internet was originally created to gain new knowledge, exchange of experience, began to appear a variety of online games and social networks that are entrenched in a person’s life. Today, many people dependent on the Internet in any free moment they tend to visit their favorite social.the network, which is not very good.

In 2017 one of the most popular social networks were «Classmates», «Vkontakte», «Telegram», «Facebook», «Twitter», «Instagram», «YouTube», «MY WORLD».

Social network primarily aimed at communication between people, lift the mood and other things, and only then the acquisition of knowledge.

Социальные сети - зависимость, отдушина или место заработать?

In social networks there are a lot of things in common, such as communication between people, the opportunity to Express their opinion. But in addition to the General, social.networks have different features, for example, the audience. In «Vkontakte» the main audience is people up to 34 years in the «Facebook» — people from 24 to 44 years.

Due to the fact that the main audience of «Vkontakte» people up to 34 years, the content is very diverse. From the various publics with the «meme» to the public with various facts (but not always, these facts are true). From stories written by ordinary subscribers to the complete literary works. Also, some people manage to start making money on social networks. Here are some examples:

  • Create groups/pages/channels with the aim of selling advertising to less developed groups.
  • The administration in the groups/channels for which you pay as a regular job.
  • Offer their services via social networks.
  • Creating YouTube channels in order to connect the affiliate program.

So, to summarize… a Social network designed to get new emotions, friends, but maybe someone is using them solely to gain knowledge. In social networks there are many similar and different. Thanks to social.networks you can start earning, to promote their services/goods to the criticism of his work from other people.

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