snow storm prevented the premiere Surface Pro

By | 10.12.2018

A snow storm prevented the premiere Surface Pro

Снежная буря помешала премьере Surface Pro

Meanwhile, scheduled for last Friday, the official presentation of the Surface Pro in new York was cancelled at the last minute. The launch of the new flagship product from the company from Redmond was to be held in the shop of the trading network Best Buy in Manhattan. However, the forecast of an impending snowstorm prevented the holding of the event. So Microsoft remains the only console ourselves that they are not the only ones who were victims of a natural disaster. A storm called «Nemo» hit by several American States, with wind speeds over 100 kilometers per hour and heavy snow. This, in turn, led to the cancellation of more than 3,800 flights, and Boston was halted and urban transport.

To the end, the company held a presentation device, but chose Las Vegas, where the probability for a snowstorm of this magnitude is extremely small. Along with this, the company also introduced a new tablet that continues the theme that the Surface is an excellent choice for corporate users.

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