Snappy Driver Installer: only the relevant drivers and nothing more

By | 10.12.2018

Snappy Driver Installer: only the relevant drivers and nothing more

Use drayverpakov is a simple and easy way to update or install drivers, but it would be a mistake to consider these auto utilities a kind of panacea. Wrong and the drivers, and the cost of errors can become damaged or completely broken system. So to control the work of automatic tools for searching and installing drivers is still necessary. Take, for example, so popular among novice users of the tool as DriverPack Solution.

Nothing to say, simple, convenient and as solemnly stated by the developers, safe. To doubt in the first and second is not necessary, but it’s not so obvious in terms of security. Recently the number of incidents associated with the use of DriverPack Solution increased significantly. However, there is nothing surprising. If earlier the main focus was on responsible for the selection of drivers technical part, now the focus of developers has shifted to marketing the plane.

Naturally, this attitude could not affect the quality of the product. Mismatched or crooked drivers installed, disabled the device and blue screens of death are the fruits not quite reasonable monetization and desire to make it quick. This in the end and forced at first, system administrators, and then experienced users to start looking for alternative software tools to automatically search and install drivers.

One such tool may serve a free program Snappy Driver Installer that provide much greater control over the process of selecting and installing drivers, DriverPack Solution than. By the way, the Creator of Snappy Driver Installer is a programmer who had previously taken an active part in the development of a mechanism for the selection of drivers in DriverPack Solution.

The distinctive features of the program include providing the most detailed information on each of the drivers, portability and simplified user interface, common to most Open Source projects. The program comes in two editions. The first is a web version of downloading driver from Internet, the second set of drivers with the installation Manager does not need network connection.

After starting the program will prompt you to download the available drivers. To determine which of them are really necessary for normal operation a specific computer, you need to download the indices of the new packages.

Snappy Driver Installer: только актуальные драйвера и ничего лишнего

If the driver does not need updating, the program will display an appropriate message. Installation can be done in selective manual and automatic modes.

Snappy Driver Installer: только актуальные драйвера и ничего лишнего

Prior to installation, you can activate the function to create a system restore point, to sort available DriverPack driver based on various criteria view detailed information about each driver for which it suffices to bring the selected element, the mouse cursor and press Ctrl.

Snappy Driver Installer: только актуальные драйвера и ничего лишнего

But that’s not all. Snappy Driver Installer supported viewing logs installations, and emulation of the remote system is a pretty interesting feature, allowing to obtain the hardware information of the remote system and required drivers. The program is aimed primarily at experienced users, however, with the same success it can be used by beginners, although the latter is unlikely to seem particularly attractive. Russian language available, supports changing the skins, but there is no possibility of installing third-party software, as is the case in DriverPack Solution nor the ability to create backups of updated drivers.

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