Smooth Time-Lapse videos with Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Smooth Time-Lapse videos with Microsoft

Many avid mountaineers, climbers, lovers of water sports, cyclists, motorists, etc. have a GoPro camera that they attach to their arm or head. Their goal, of course, is to shoot the unique moments that otherwise would be difficult to obtain using a conventional camera. Then the footage is often processed into so-called time-lapse video.

But what happens if during extreme experiences, the camera was subjected to severe shaking? Naturally get pretty «antsy» video, and in the mode time-lapse you will receive a fast and choppy frames.

However, thanks to a new project from Microsoft Research will soon be able to convert time-lapse videos into hyper-lapse videos is much smoother compared with the original frames.

The project is being developed by Johannes KOF, Michael Cohen and Richard Szeliski. The team says that in the near future the algorithm will be available in app format for Windows.

This is not just another option for video stabilization. This project restores Microsoft themselves scene by creating a depth map based on the incoming video. With these data the algorithm creates all the frames with a new point of view and then combines the shots in a new video that is both quick and smooth.

To create a new frame, the algorithm takes the information of several input parameters. KOF and Szeliski already worked on similar software, but for photos – Microsoft Photosynth.

Algorithm from Microsoft Research is not perfect, so the team still has a lot of work to do to get a stable working product.

Their achievement, the group shared at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, Canada. Detailed below is embedded a video that explains how the algorithm treats the video.

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