Smart watch from Microsoft will support Windows Phone, iOS and Android

By | 11.12.2018

Smart watches from Microsoft will support Windows Phone, iOS and Android

Microsoft will be the next big tech company that will release its own smart watch. This device was developed from the end of last year, says Forbes magazine, which published some information about its capabilities.

Watch from Microsoft will work with Windows Phone, but will also be compatible with devices running popular mobile platforms. Thus, the device is compatible with Android and iOS.

In addition, the watch will provide about two days of battery life on a single charge and can measure the heart rate of the user. On the implementation of the latter, incidentally, has a team of engineers from the Kinect team who have this great experience.

Unfortunately, at this stage there are no details on the specific technical characteristics of the first smart device from the American company. However, the entry of Microsoft into this market niche will be a very interesting event, which will significantly increase competition.

In the coming months you will see the premiere of new models with Android Wear, and in order to become a hit in the market, the Microsoft device will have to compete with them. We therefore look forward to information on what other features we will see in the upcoming wearable device from Microsoft.

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