Smart-watch from Microsoft is ready to officially launch?

By | 10.12.2018

Smart-watch from Microsoft is ready to officially launch?

Smart-часы от Microsoft готовы к официальному запуску?

Microsoft soon will debut in the market of wearable electronics. Rumors that the company is preparing a smart watch, go for a long time, but according to the latest information the device is ready for a public showing.

Named as Surface watch smart watches will be presented later this year, says GearLive without giving a specific date. In appearance the watch is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. The device has an elongated touch screen and curved shape for a snug fit to the hand.

Based on what software the device is not specified, but mentions interface that resembles that of Windows 8 and the XboxOne. It is also reported about compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and other platforms.

The rumors are true the latest patent from Microsoft. There is also information that the smart watch is equipped with several sensors, including monitor heart rate, accelerometer, GPS and gyroscope. A similar set of sensors already available in other wearable devices.

The design of the device will allow users to remove the watch from the bracelet and connect them to a special docking station. You can also connect the watch to other devices for data exchange, including PC and tablets.

Of course, all this is nothing more than just rumors Microsoftпока did not comment.

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