Skype will be integrated in Windows 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

Skype will be integrated into Windows 8.1

While working on Windows 8.1, Microsoft took care to fix old bugs and introduce new features. Moreover, special attention was paid to the applications and services that will be available from the start screen.

Now manufacturers are trying to attract attention not only due to the powerful characteristics in their products, but also with all kinds of software that they preset in their devices (tablets and smartphones, for example). With Windows 8.1 Microsoft will begin to do the same.

In the new version of the operating system in total gets 20 Modern applications, including SkyDrive, all of the Xbox app, Health & fitness, Cooking, reading List, alarms, Calculator, sound Recorder and even Skype, which thus becomes the application that comes to replace Messenger, now gone into retirement. By the way, the emergence of Skype as pre-installed application we noticed after installing build 9471, which recently «leaked» to the Network, but was hoping to wait until after the official confirmation of this fact directly by Microsoft.

So which application you will get after installing Windows 8.1? The infographic below will give a comprehensive answer to your question:

Skype будет интегрирован в Windows 8.1

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