Skype Translator will be trained in digital slang

By | 10.12.2018

Skype Translator will be trained in digital slang

When Microsoft announced Skype Translator in may, everyone showed interest in this project that can finally allow many people to cross the language barrier. Then we saw that application for Skype translator translates speech in real time, thereby allowing you to communicate with interlocutors who speak different languages.

The achievement of such high rank (and the beta launch later this year) is itself a real challenge, says IEEE Spectrum.

Teresa Cheong together with IEEE Spectrum talked to Microsoft, who took on the challenge to develop this translator. During the conversation touched on the subject of how actually it works. According to Chong, the problems comes from the fact that the translation of text and speech require very different systems.

Microsoft has traditionally approached the creation of that translator, but instead of mapping phrases between languages, the team went a step further and compares the individual words. This will help to overcome grammatical inconsistencies across languages.

The team has other problems, including social media, for which researchers need to adapt a translator, but they insist that all new words digital slang will be a part of the future of Skype Translator.

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