Skype Translator helps to communicate with people who speak another language

By | 10.12.2018

Skype Translator will help to communicate with people who speak another language

Skype Translator поможет общаться с людьми, говорящими на другом языке

Microsoft is constantly trying to improve the performance of its popular VoIP service Skype, integrating new functionality. Now the new head of the company Satya Nadella took the Code conference to personally demonstrate the capabilities of the upcoming feature called Skype Translator. With it, users can real get the translation of the conversation when the other person speaks a foreign language.

This feature will be included in the version of Skype for Windows 8 later this year. Microsoft also confirmed that currently, Skype Translator supports 40 different languages, and the head Coregorder Singh pall noted that the function is the result of research and hard work, which lasted for decades. Also the software giant is developing a version of Skype Translator for the most popular mobile platforms on the market.

Feature will be useful to further facilitate communication, especially with people who don’t speak your native language. Currently, Skype is used by over 300 million users worldwide, which in total spend over 2 billion minutes a day on calls to friends and family, and many of them will be eagerly waiting for the premiere Skype Translator.

: Engadget

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