Skype: say goodbye to your application for Windows 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

Skype: say goodbye to the app for Windows 8.1

Skype: попрощайтесь с приложением для Windows 8.1Before Windows 10, which is scheduled for the end of July, Microsoft decided to reduce the number of versions of one of the most successful apps in its catalog. The company announced that it intends to leave the computers only one version of Skype that comes with the classic desktop interface.

Version with modern UI (Metro or Modern), optimized for touch screen devices will no longer work on 7 July.

According to the company, it is more logical to have only one version of the application, the more that the desktop version is already quite usable not only with a mouse and keyboard, but also on touch screens. In addition, the company reminds that with Windows 10 they are planning to implement deep integration of Skype into the operating system, although not all features will available at launch.

Going back to the touch version of Skype, since July 7, when you try to access the application, users will automatically be redirected to the download page of the desktop version. The company claims that users of tablets with Windows RT will not change anything.


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