Skype Qik – a new app to send short spontaneous video

By | 10.12.2018

Skype Qik – a new app to send short spontaneous video

The Skype service is definitely the most popular platform for communication, although it lost a large part of their user base due to the heavy onslaught of competitors like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. Currently, Skype is owned by Microsoft, who recently presented his app to send video messages. The app is called Skype Qik, and is available for three major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

As the name implies, the app is designed to share short, spontaneous video just like Snapchat, Instagram and Vine. Each video message is automatically deleted after two weeks – long enough when compared with rivals. However, the messages can be removed at any time, their sender, regardless of whether they were viewed or not. Users can also block video messages from specific contacts, if they don’t want to disturb them (this feature is available for Android and Windows Phone, but the developers have said that soon it will receive iOS).

Skype Qik – совершенно новое приложение для отправки коротких, спонтанных видео

Skype Qik is a new experience for Skype Inc., but the service will face difficult and challenging time, as Snapchat has already become a cultural phenomenon and has amassed a huge and loyal user base.

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