Simple ways to remove Yandex Bar from Opera

By | 10.12.2018

Simple ways to remove Yandex Bar from Opera

Many, probably, faced with the appearance in the browser Yandex.The bar is a small extension, remove which often becomes a real challenge.

In this article we will look at simple ways that will help you to remove this program from your personal computer and Opera browser. Simple step-by-step instructions will help you quickly deal with this problem and prevent its reappearance.

What it is and where it came from on the PC

Yandex.Bar is an extension of the company Yandex, which often becomes an uninvited guest on many personal computers. His sudden appearance often causes confusion and surprise users, because most of them especially it is not installed. As it gets to the browser? The fact that this program often comes bundled with other software and invisibly installed with it.

Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

For what it is:

  1. sets searches in the user’s browser;
  2. makes it the default search engine;
  3. change home page;
  4. adds tabs and icons on the quick launch;
  5. change panel and bookmarks.

Video: remove Yandex.Bar

Disposal options

There are several ways of removal of all components of the program.

For this purpose you can use:

  • menu install and uninstall programs on a personal computer;
  • menu browser, in which it was installed;
  • the manual removal of components.

Through the add / remove programs

To delete Yandex Bar from Opera in menu install and uninstall programs, you must:

  1. go to the menu «start» and go to «control Panel»;
  2. under «Programs» choose «uninstall a program»;

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

  3. the following list displays all programs currently on your PC;
  4. find «Yandex.Bar» (or «Elements»), to select it manually and select the option «Delete» (you can also use the right mouse button).

Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

Via the menu Opera

Another simple way of getting rid of this unwanted software is its removal directly through the browser menu, in this case Opera.

For this you need to follow some steps:

  1. click on «Opera» and select «Extensions»;

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

  2. go to «Manage extensions» (another way is to press Ctrl+Shift+E );
  3. in the window that appears will display all extensions that are currently present in the browser.
  4. find the component to be deleted and click «Delete»;

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

  5. Opera will ask for confirmation, by clicking «Remove» again.

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

Please note! After this process the bar is removed, but the panel in the search engines, as well as two tabs that come with it, will remain in place. Next, we’ll look at how to remove and.

Remove Yandex.Panel and two fixed tabs

To get rid of this panel will have to go into the bookmark folder where it is placed during installation. That is why it does not disappear together with the main software.

To rid your search you need to:

  • click on «Opera» and go to «Bookmarks»;
  • this list to find the desired item and remove the panel.

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

After this procedure remains one small thing – to get rid of the two tabs that normally appear in the left part of the browser.

By default they are fixed, so to remove them:

  • click on the tab with the right button of the mouse.
  • in the line that appears, remove the check box «lock»;
  • remove the tab by clicking the x next to it;

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

  • repeat the procedure for the second bookmark.

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

Important! After this process, some components may remain on your PC. For example, shortcuts on the desktop or the taskbar, which also appear automatically.

For cleaning them you need to:

  • click «start menu» and find them in the list that appears;
  • click the right mouse button over the component and click remove (or «unpin» depending on the installed version of Windows).

    Простые способы убрать Яндекс Бар с Оперы

As we can see, to remove Yandex Bar from Opera any user, not even with a vast knowledge in the field of personal computers.

The problem did not appear again, you need to pay attention to a few details:

  1. do not install software from unverified vendors;
  2. pay attention to the show when you install of a product that can often help Yandex.The bar quietly «slip» into your PC;
  3. check what is included in the set of installed software or browser extensions.

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