Shoot video with a web camera laptop

By | 10.12.2018

Shoot video web camera laptop

Every year, manufacturers produce more interesting and powerful laptops, are equipped with pretty good components, including Web cameras. When purchasing a new device, the modern computer, first of all, become owners of brand new possibilities.

Why record video with the camera

Today, web cameras are equipped with almost all laptops, especially handy for devices that have permanent access to the Internet.

With this handy device you can share experiences, learn and give advice and just chat with their friends and family, regardless of their location at a given time.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Often there are situations when a person needs to record via webcam video. The purpose can be very different – the need to create messages or treatment, or just the users I want to leave something in memory of him, or any pleasant events.

Some people find for their Webcams over the original application – broadcasting via the Internet, the process of creating large-scale art installations, house concert.

We should also pay attention to the possibility of creating a full-fledged surveillance system with built-in laptop camera. Such systems can be used to monitor your home or office.

With the help of special programs camera PC becomes a convenient means of tracking. Often the functionality of these tools includes the ability to respond to movement and capture only those moments when the picture starts to change.

How to write

There are several ways of recording movies with Webcams, relatively all of them can be divided into two main the first method involves working with a standard operating system services Windows, the second method involves the use of special programs.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

How to record videos via webcam:

  • perhaps the fastest and easiest way of recording is using standard Windows tools. In version XP, users of the once-widespread tool Windows Movie Maker, in later versions of the operating system this program replaced the service Live Movie Maker;
  • will not cause difficulties in the way of creating movies by using standard software that manages the webcam. After launching the application activates the camera and near its lens lights up green light, and then the user can see themselves in real time on the screen of the laptop. To get started, just click on the camcorder icon, and in settings turn on or off the sound recording;

    Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

  • on the Internet today it is possible without any difficulties to find and download a special program designed to record from Webcams. Typically, these services are quite simple and clear from the first minute interface and allow you to not only make movies but also edit them by adding pictures, labels, captions.

Save the resulting file can be in one of more than a dozen available formats. Similar functions also are found in many editors.

These programs also allow you to transmit images to the Internet in real-time and automatically upload them to the web page in real time, ready images and overlay effects. For example, users can chat via video, while the other person would see them with glasses or a new hairstyle.

Screen Capture Studio

Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio users of laptops and personal computers have the ability to record everything that happens on the screen – online videos, presentations or applications gameplay in games and all this at up to 60 frames per second.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Adding to recorded video, audio, texts and subtitles or voice comments to a complete presentation or a detailed lesson. In your Arsenal settings the program has a user-friendly tool that allows you to capture images from a webcam and then edit.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

With the intuitive interface of the application in Russian language, working with her is easy and simple.

To record videos with the webcam, users need:

  • to open the editor, Movavi, which is included in the main part of the package Screen Capture Studio;
  • once in the program, in the Import tab you need to select the icon of video Capture, which automatically launches the app to record with the webcam. Capture source images, as well as the source of the sound is determined automatically by the program;
  • after shooting the program to add the recorded file into the editor, after which it can be found on the My files. If desired, the finished video can be edited, adding cool effects, nice background music, or decorating the transitions between the individual fragments of the animation;
  • saving the finished result, users need to select the format of the generated file, it is possible not to doubt that the capacity of the program to be enough in order to adapt the video to be shown on virtually any device.

Screen Capture Studio allows you to save in most existing formats, including 3GP, FLV, WMV, MOV, MKV, MP4 and AVI.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Screen Capture Studio is more than just a program for recording video from webcam with it you can also record online videos, download files from any hosting sites YouTube and Vimeo and more.

Among the obvious advantages of Screen Capture Studio this include:

  • high quality ready records;
  • in the process of recording the image can be enlarged up to 20 percent, so that the screen displays even small details;
  • simple and convenient saving of the output files;
  • built-in Manager recorded video clips;
  • the program is absolutely free.

Virtual Dub

VirtualDub is a completely free and fully multi-language application for PC, which in addition to the video from the web camera performs many different tasks. Due to the fact that the utility, in essence, needs no installation, you simply copy in a convenient for the owner of the laptop is the place where it will be run as needed.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

In order to start recording, users just need to:

  • go to the menu File and choose Remove to Avi, then the appearance of the working window changes – now it will display everything that enters the viewing angle of the webcam;
  • before start shooting you need to save the next file and give it a name and specifying its format, and storage location;
  • you need to say immediately that, depending on the format selected, the weight of the records will vary greatly. Optimum use for these purposes popular MP4 format, which allows to reduce the size file to very small size.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Once the video is ready, you can edit it directly in the program using the following tools:

  • cropping and pasting of separate files;
  • the ability to encode and convert clips and individual images in most formats available today;
  • users can work with multiple video tracks;
  • program rusificirovana fully and free.

Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to record movies with the webcam or any other external source. With the help of this program users will be able to record everything that happens on your PC screen or laptop.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

In General it can be noted that the program has a simple and intuitive user interface, which hides many useful features and capabilities, including recording file format .avi or .wmv, automatic sending of images via email, as well as the entry in a predetermined period of time.

The developer offers its users with several versions of the programs – paid and free.

This is done during installation of the program offered to install some extra utilities:

  • Convector prism Video File Converter;
  • video Pad Video Editor Software – editor.

Standard Windows

As mentioned above, depending on the version of the operating system used on the laptop to record video from a webcam, you can use Windows Movie Maker (for XP) or Movie Maker Live (seven or eight).

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Both programs have similar functionality, while the latter has a more interesting interface, that’s where the differences end.

After the first run movie maker the user can almost immediately start recording through the webcam of the laptop.

It’s enough to:

  1. choose in the Menu the tab «file» and go to «Record». After recording the video you need to save the desired name, format and storage location;
  2. the final file can be edited to include interesting special effects, frames or decorating the transitions between the files using the animation.

Video: video recording with web camera

Videos webcam online

Considering the theme of the video with a web camera, not to mention the special programs, allowing to record and transmit videos online.

One such service is the program Altarsoft Video Capture, which is considered one of the best in its field. With this functional utility, the users can capture images with a variety of devices with the subsequent saving of the file.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Thanks to the built in software codecs the number of supported formats is almost unlimited.

Another interesting solution could be the WebcamXP program, which allows you to capture images, keep the frames with a certain time interval, to conduct communication via web chat and automatically start recording at pre-defined intervals.

Снимаем видео с веб камеры ноутбука

Utility has simple and intuitive interface and offers owners of laptops and personal computers rich settings for saving files with the right format and in the right place on the hard disk.

Instead of conclusion I want to say that the modern users of computers and laptops are the happy owners of the most incredible opportunities. Record video via webcam of the laptop is another confirmation of this.

To create funny video greeting or greetings to your loved ones now you don’t need to spend a lot of time, just enough to use special software or even go the easier route, and recorded video using standard Windows tools.

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