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Customize the distribution of Internet with Windows 7

This article will teach you how to share an Internet connection with Windows 7 in your local network or over Wi-Fi, as well as to create and configure the shared folder.

Important! The possibility of Internet distribution standard tools are blocked in Windows 7 Starter, so if you are a “happy” owner of this OS version, further information will be useless.

Setup physically connect the computers

Dto begin with, you will need to make sure that you need computers are connected in LAN at the physical level:

  1. the machines are connected directly through cablerouter;
  2. all configured ranges of IP addresses;
  3. set a unique network name;
  4. PC merged into one working group.

If the first paragraph it’s pretty simple (buy the cable, insert the cable in the right connector), the others may require some explanation.

Device names it is better to make short but clear, to avoid confusion in the future.

The same applies to the workgroup name, if you plan to make a few.

Particular caution should be exercised in assigning network addresses.

The subnet mask the system will expose on their own, but directly the IP range will have to be set manually (for the LAN 192.168.xx.xx).

Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

Important! The IP address in any case must not be repeated!

If you need to connect two PCs

When connecting two computers to “share”, one PC will act as server (it must be a device that has Internet access) and the second client.

Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

It is important to understand that under such a scheme to go online with the PC 2 will be available ONLY when enabled and properly functioning PC 1.

In addition, for servers it is sometimes necessary to purchase additional equipment – a second network card (access to the Web will be mounted in the slot of the first card, and LAN, respectively, in the second slot).

If you want to connect more than two PC

If you want to connect to the Internet via a LAN more than two computers, then it’s not that complicated, the only difference is the length of the wires that have to stretch and the range of required IP addresses.

Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

In fact, to solve the problem of connecting a large number of machines to the Internet where it is easier to buy and configure a custom router.

This will significantly simplify the use and reduce the wear of the equipment (the server will not have to work 247).

Important! For serious work (in a large enterprise or in a major office) is really highly recommended to buy at least one simple and cheap router.

Configuring the computer distributing the Internet

With the hardware done, time to go directly to the software configuration of the computers.

Let’s start with the servers that will need to be configured via standard Windows service 7 – ICS (shared use).

Let’s go:

  • go to the list of available connections: open the “start” menu, select “Run” (you can use the key combination Win+R), in the window opened, input “ncpa.cpl”to navigate to the desired section;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  • select the active Internet connection: usually, the desired option is highlighted or signed, if not, you can check by looking at the properties of a specific connection;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  • allow other computers to use the connection: in the context menu of the desired connection and select “Properties”, then go to the tab “Access” and put a tick on the “Allow other users to use this connection”;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  • save changes: after clicking “OK”, the system can warn you that IP address connection changed to, this is the standard address for the server in the ICS service, so do not panic and once again click “OK”.

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

If you did everything correctly, the server can be considered fully configured and ready to work.

Configuring the client computer

Now, to customizing other devices in the LAN.

They are called clients, and get access to the world wide web via the PC server.

How to choose

In order to make the system work, it is necessary for each machine in the connection properties specify the following settings:

  • IP address: 192.168.137.xx (xx > 1)
  • Default gateway:
  • DNS server:

The mask system will set yourself.

Important! In the settings there is a button «Get IP and gateway automatically», but it would be safer to enter all values manually, fortunately, it will not take much time.

Video Internet on LAN

Shared folder for users on the network

Having configured the LAN, it is a sin not to use another handy tool Windows, such as shared access, and if easier – “sharing” network drives and directories.

Configuring once the network resource, you can easily get rid of the unnecessary running around with flash drives and hard drives, transferring data directly from one computer to the other.

To create a shared folder even for novice users.

All you need to do is to strictly follow the instructions:

  1. select or create the desired folder:

    First you need to decide to what folder you want to share. It can be almost anyone (except system!) the directory on the hard disk inside which stores various files from important documents to your favourite music and movies;

  2. go to settings:

    Via the context menu item “Properties” in the parameters, then switch to the tab “Access”.

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  3. turn on the visibility in LAN: click on the “Advanced setup” and in the opened window put a tick in “Allow shared folder access”;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  4. custom (optional): in this window you can change some settings that you a network resource, for example, to limit the number of concurrent accesses to the folder by other users.

After you complete these four (and without detailed configuration changes – only three!) simple steps, the selected directory will be visible to all users working group and, depending on permissions, they will be able to view, edit, and add your files there.

The creation of a common network resource can make life significantly easier in a large apartment, office or business. Do not be lazy to spend five minutes to configure to save more than one hour on the running from one PC to another!

Setting to deliver Wi-Fi through the command line

The information in this paragraph is perfect the owner of a netbook or notebook with wifi adapter. Distribute the Internet in a local network with such a device much easier, especially if other devices also work with the wireless standards.

The easiest way to create a public WLAN is the command – line Windows.

It does not need to have deep knowledge or install additional software.

Everything you need to create our access point via cmd – is the ability to type on the keyboard and ten minutes of free time:

  1. run the command line:

    Open the “start” menu, click “Run”, then type into the box “cmd”, after a few seconds the screen displays a dark gray command line interface.

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  2. create a WLAN:

    Entered or copied into the window that appears the following text: “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NETNAME key=PASS” Here “NETNAME” is the name of the network in English letters and “PASS” password with a minimum of eight characters;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  3. confirm the creation of a network: pressing “Enter” will execute the command, then on the screen you should receive a short message notifying the user that the network name and password was changed successfully;
  4. include WAP: you must Now enter another command: “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”, which is responsible for starting the access point;
  5. after pressing Enter, the console will display another message, this time that everything started successfully.
  • If you suddenly see the error “failed to start the hosted network,” do not be frightened, and run at the command prompt, two small command: “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow” and “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow”;

    Настройка раздачи интернет с ОС Windows 7

  • after that, go to device Manager, select “Network adapters”, then “Virtual adapter” and from its context menu item “Insert”;
  • after that, again enter in console commands from the second and fourth item in the list above.

Attention! It may be easier to additionally enable shared access connection the same way as we did before!

Now it should work!

Check point can connect to it from any device with Wi-Fi module (tablet, phone, computer with a special adapter).

Important! Don’t forget when you connect save password to avoid entering it every time!

So, after reading this article, you had to learn how to share an Internet connection with Windows 7 in LAN, learns a few simple console commands, the basics of IP addressing and working with the sharing services.

This knowledge can seriously help you to optimize, to provide additional ease of use and save a lot of your time!

Attention! Modern operating systems and equipment is pretty tolerant of any amendments made, so don’t be afraid to try and experiment (within reason!).

If you still are afraid of their own to change the configuration of your computer, it is better to turn to professionals!

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