setting up a VPN server on Windows 7

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Setup VPN server on Windows 7

Virtual Private Network, aka VPN, aka virtual private network. In fact, in a sense, such networks should be viewed as a step back, however, a forced step, and extremely effective. VPN allow you to return from global networks to local networks, albeit in a rather unusual scale.

Today, when computers have Internet access, despite the availability of many resources, every PC user is a loner. In particular, it is not possible to share network resources — files or printers, and also fully work with apps designed for local networks.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

VPN also allows you to combine scattered around the world computers in the VLAN at the same time, you can interact with other members of the network as if it were connected to the same router to play on a local network to access shared folders via «Network places» and print to «shared» printers. So, we offer you to learn how to create a VPN network to connect to them, and also to solve some problems that can occur (though not necessarily) during their use. Despite the fact that the General principle always remains the same, we will talk about how to lift VPN on Windows 7.

Create a server

Proceed to create the VPN server computer will connect to other users of our virtual network. First and foremost, we need to get to the Control Center network and sharing. For this, the following actions occur: the button «start»; «control Panel»; «control Center network and sharing».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

If in the upper right corner you see «Category» click it and switch the mode to «Large icons» — this display mode used in our tutorial.

As a result, you should see something like this:

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Displayed on your screen a window allows you to control virtually any aspect of network interaction of your computer. Here you must click «Change adapter settings».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

To begin the creation of incoming connections, perform the following steps:

  1. if you do not see the menu bar (File, Edit, Service, etc.), press the Alt key.
  2. select «File»;
  3. click «New incoming connection».

    Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Now on your screen is this window a small exception.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

First, in the list of accounts may be in other points, as well as, you hardly present use «vpnuser», which we’ll create by clicking the button «Add user».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Please fill in these fields: «User» — specifies the username of the customer; «Password» and «Confirm» password of the created account (should be the same); the «Full name» optional – you can leave it blank, as it’s functionality is not affected.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

By filling in the fields press the «OK» button. If you want to add more VPN users (this can be useful for further control over them) repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. When creation is finished, click «Next». In the next window put a check mark in the box «Via Internet», otherwise the Next button will be unavailable. Accordingly, after the check box click on the button and get the following window:

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Left to set protocols. About their choice — it is better to leave it as is. However, if you plan to use applications that require IPv6 support, you can install a tick opposite to this Protocol, however, in 99% of cases there is no need.

It is important to properly configure IPv4:

  1. highlight «Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)» by clicking on its name, not the checkbox;
  2. click «Properties»;
  3. specify the appropriate parameters:
  4. make sure that the check box «Allow callers to access my local network» is selected;
  5. select the option «Specify the IP addresses explicitly»;
  6. enter the starting and ending IP address.

    Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

All that is required in order to further it was possible to find connected users. In addition, you can limit the maximum number connected, which is very useful. When finished, press «OK» and then click «Allow access». VPN server created. You only have to click on the button «Close» and proceed to client configuration. Also note the section on «port Forwarding» — this can be useful.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Connection on the computer

Proceed to configuring client computers. First and foremost, you must know the server address, if you connect to a DIY VPN server, it is necessary to go with it (from the server), for example, on the website that clearly will be given your IP address. In the future, you can use services in the spirit of DynDns is to not waste time searching for addresses.

So, in order to establish a VPN connection, committed the following:

  1. The «Start»Button;
  2. «Control panel»;
  3. «Control center network and sharing»;
  4. Set up a new connection or network.

    Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

This short click will launch the connection wizard, the first step you need to select «Connect to a workplace» and click «Next».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Now select the first item from the list. About the second in the 21st century might not even think you need it for DialUp modems.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

If you did everything correctly, it’s time to drive the server address. This can be as your IP address, which we looked at the server and domain name, which can be obtained through the services of dynamic DNS.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

In this case, the address is listed as, however, in your case the numbers will certainly be others. The field «destination Name» can fill at their own discretion — on the network it has no effect. Also, it is necessary to put a tick in the «don’t connect now» in order not to waste time in the configuration process.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Once the required information has been provided, click «continue» and start filling out the fields:

  1. «User name» — enter the username that you specified when creating the VPN server;
  2. «Password» — similarly – specified pre-specified password of a VPN user;
  3. optionally check the «Remember password».

Left click on the «Create» button and your VPN connection is ready. If the server is running, and you are confident in the correctness of their actions, can connect now using the button «Connect now». Besides, you can always connect using the network icon in the lower right corner.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

That’s all. If everything is done right, you can start using your virtual network, however, recommend you to read this article until the end — even if now everything works fine, there is a risk that problems will sooner or later and better to be ready for them.

VPN server in Windows 7

First and foremost, it should be noted that the built-in VPN server in «seven» has one important and extremely unpleasant limitation — simultaneously to your server can connect to only one person. Want more — put Windows Server, however, it is possible to find a very effective patch that removes this annoying limitation — after its application, will be available to multiple connections. In addition, sometimes for a full configuration you must configure the firewall to forward the ports — this we now describe.

Video: Creating connections

Configuring firewalls

In some cases, the connection is established, and communication between computers is not. It’s all about the built-fairville (or firewall) Windows.

To make it more friendly, you must specify that you trust connected users.

Set the connection, go to «network and sharing Center» and look for the connection icon. On the client it’s called «RAS» and the server «VPN connection».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Click on them on both machines and select «Home network».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Here and all your problems should disappear.

Port forwarding

The other catch is that home routers and ADSL modems by default do not open the required ports for VPN. In this case, you will have to do it manually.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Open ports will have on the server, but rather on the router to which it is connected — as is done, is described in detail in the instructions for your device, we will only notify that the VPN server with «Windows» uses TCP port 1723. Also, if there is such a function, please disable GRE.

Setting parameters

Even when the VPN server is already configured, you may change its settings. To do this, open «Change settings for adapters», which we used in the first part of the article, then click on «Incoming connections», right-click and select «Properties».

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

On your screen appears a window where you can edit, delete and add users, and configure Protocol parameters and IP address ranges. In other words, to change those parameters that are specified when creating the connection.

Attention! This function works only if the connection is idle — if someone is connected, disconnect it before you change the settings.

Error 807

Network error the connection has been disrupted for the number 807 — the scourge of the novice administrators. To get rid of her (or at least figure out the cause) it is necessary to do several steps:

  1. make sure that you’ve done everything correctly. This is especially true of entering the IP address on the client and have opened that port on the server.

    Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

  2. verify that you are running the remote access service. Press on the keyboard Win+R, enter «services.msc» and press Enter. In the opened window locate the service «Routing and remote access», double-click it and check out what’s circled in the screenshot correspond to your field;
  3. try to connect to itself. Create a client connection by specifying an IP address of If it fails, check the settings and disable all programs that can affect network communication — anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.;
  4. verify that the VPN port from the outside. You can use the website Enter 1723 in the box and click «search». If the port is closed — check the settings of your router or ADSL modem (depending on how you connected);
  5. if all previous items are tested, please note on the client computer — it also needs to be enabled «Routing and remote access», and also disabled filtering software.

As an additional measure — try to adjust all over again.

Enable debug logs

Sometimes more information is necessary to record all server events in a readable file. To start this process, press Win+R and in the window type: netsh ras set tracing * enabled.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

Press Enter and navigate to the directory Windowstracing, there you will find several files (5 pieces), which contains detailed information about the connection attempts and traffic. They open with any text editor. Disabling is the same team, however, the word is enabled to be replaced for the disabled. VPN is the perfect solution for a variety of occasions. However, the greatest popularity it has gained in a corporate environment. Suppose you are on a business trip with her laptop, but want to use it like you are in the office. In this case, a VPN is exactly what you need.

Настройка VPN сервера на Windows 7

In addition, such a solution is often used for remote access to printers — despite the fact that there are a lot of modern protocols, such a solution still remains simple and convenient.

And, of course, we must not forget about the games — VPN greatly simplifies the start-up of game programs that are designed to work in a local network. Of course, all this is not a complete list of possible applications VPN. The functions of this service can be useful to everyone, so keep this guide handy.

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