setting router ASUS RT N10P — a detailed manual

By | 10.12.2018

Configuring the router ASUS RT N10P — detailed instructions

It is difficult to imagine a modern home or office without connecting to the world wide web.

We have prepared a detailed manual settings the router ASUS RT N10P will help you connect to the Internet; we will discuss how to connect the device cables to enter the settings depending on your ISP or operating system, configure Wi-Fi.

The inclusion of the router

The package of this device includes: the router itself, power adapter, cable for connection with a computer.

Настройка роутера ASUS RT N10P - подробная инструкция

This is enough to start the connection, and then configuring the device.

Настройка роутера ASUS RT N10P - подробная инструкция

Perform in order the following steps:

  1. connect the power adapter to the device and in the socket 220V;
  2. internetkabel inserted into LAN 1 on our device, a second end inserted into the computer port (if there had been a wire service provider, it should be removed);
  3. cable Internet service provider connected to the WAN socket on the device;
  4. activated by pressing the button.

The router begins to download the firmware. Model of the same device with firmware v2 setting will not differ, the only difference is the size of the memory storing the firmware.

After switching on the power grid, it is recommended to do a full factory reset.

This is done by pressing and holding for 12-15 seconds some small object (pen, paperclip) on the back of the button in the Reset hole.

Prepare to configure

You need to understand that now on the way to the Internet from your computer there is another realtor — your router. A number of tasks to ensure that when he takes over. Next, you need to make sure that the setting of Internet protocols to the computer set in the mode to automatically obtain IP addresses.

After connecting the computer to the router, the network address it will not assign a provider, the router. It forms its own network and assigns it addresses. Just be sure that the computer will automatically receive the settings of the DNS server is a server that interpreterpath you enter the names of the sites on the «language» servers.

Настройка роутера ASUS RT N10P - подробная инструкция

Often this setting in order to network affect that does not come off the pages you have on the screen.

Find in the settings of your operating system:

  1. connection on a local network;
  2. open the Properties;
  3. then, go to the Internet protocols and note that IP address and server addresses (DNS) will receive automatically.

How to access your ASUS RT n10p

On your computer, run the Internet browser. In the input field of the web addresses you enter four sets of numbers through a point is the network address of device. This model usually uses the address After the last unit the point is not put.

On the screen, you should see a field to enter a username and password. By default, the manufacturer specifies the username and password — аdmin. Confirm with enter. If not it opens the field for entering a username and password, you can specify the address of your device on the device.


After we figured out how to access the router settings via the WEB interface, can connect to the server of the provider. Settings for different operators can vary, so below we consider the most common of them.

Settings for Beeline(Beeline)

Go to any browser, in the address bar enter the network address of the router and go to the window network Map. Further, in the advanced settings choose the Internet.

Настройка роутера ASUS RT N10P - подробная инструкция

The parameters you specify:

  1. the WAN connection type L2TP;
  2. to obtain the IP address automatically, Yes;
  3. to connect to DNS automatically, Yes;
  4. login (account number, which you pay) and password (the same one that you need to log into your account on the website of the service provider);
  5. VPN server;
  6. confirm.

Setting for Rostelecom

Also, as in the previous case, we get to the settings. Then click on WAN.

Enter the desired function for connections, the main among which are:

  1. connection type — pppoe;
  2. automatic obtaining of IP addresses;
  3. DNS need to be set, also automatically.

Enter the login name and password (they can be viewed in the contract). In the absence of agreement, you need to call tech support provider can help you to recover data. The other parameters change is not necessary.

By setting the connection provider’s server, you can configure ASUS rt n10p WiFi and security access settings.

You need to go to the Wireless network and specify the following settings:

  1. the box filled with SSID network name. This name will be broadcasted and you can choose to connect to WiFi;
  2. in the column of the authentication Method, specify the most safe type of protection for your network, WPA2-Personal;
  3. in the preshared key box – enter the network password. It referred to English letters and figures, symbols should be more than eight.

How to perform a factory reset

If the router is intermittent and its reconfiguration does not work, then reset it and again enter the settings. On the rear panel of the device in a small hole with a sharp object to press the Reset button and hold for 12-15 seconds. As a result, the device will light up the power indicators. This means that the settings are changed on the source.

Settings are reset and the control panel of the router. Go to the section advanced settings, click Administration, Manage settings, Factory settings and choose Restore.

How to put a password

In administrative tools, the System change the access data to the device menu. After entering the password it should remember or record. Remember, the password Wi Fi password and access the menu is different passwords.

If you forgot the WiFi password it can always be changed in the device menu, and if you forget credentials to access the device menu, you will have to reset the settings to the factory defaults and configure everything again.

Custom IPTV

If the provider supports transmission of television channels over the Internet, you can access them via your router. Again use the web interface and open the settings of the router. We are interested in the advanced settings of a LAN and route.

Check the enable multicast routing (should be Yes). In the box IPTV UDP Multicast to HTTP Proxy Port enter the value 1234 (this is useful when you need to facilitate the work Wi-Fi network, freeing it from the multicast packets). All channels configured for wired TV set-top boxes.

To provide access to TV channels wireless clients will need to go into advanced settings, Wireless network, Professionally and to set the Speed of multicast routing on the indicator 24. Please watch TV on your tablet or laptop.

Finally cleaned up our wireless network from multicast packets. Instead, they will broadcast the http packets. In previous settings we have already established the value 1234. Open the channel list is a file format .m3u. To do this, use any text editor.

Video: configuring the router ASUS RT N10P

Udp://@ — this is the recording of each television channel in the beginning. And we need to change every record, submitting it in this form: Eight digits — is the router address. If your device has a different address, they need to change on your own.

1234 is a previously established proxy-port (set their values, if different from the above). Edit the list of channels, save and use it in the player to view the IPTV. Iptv setup is complete.

If you have PPTP

To connect to the PPTP service provider, you need to specify the network settings, which are issued by the provider. In the same way as in the case of a PPPoE connection, enter your user name and password. The PPTP server can use encryption or to select Auto.

Another required parameter to connect: you must specify the IP address of the PPTP server provider.

To view the status of pptp connection you need to go in the option Map network.

Updated the firmware

For firmware updates go to the ASUS page on the Internet and download our device by specifying its model. Then choose your operating system and download the necessary file:

Then, in the advanced settings you need to open the option of administrative tools and run the firmware update. To do this, select in Windows Explorer previously downloaded file and click Submit.


Can work router ASUS RT N10P with a USB drive?

Answer: no, in contrast to the model ASUS rt n10u he is not equipped with the appropriate connector.

Could it work with 3g modem?

The answer is: not equipped with a USB port.

How to do access point mode?

Response: the settings allow the modem to use it in several modes for different requirements. Running Quick Internet setup, then Internet Setup, you can choose the Mode of the access point (AP).

How to connect a printer?

Response: if the printer is equipped with WiFi module, it can connect to the wireless network of your router using the WPS button.

This router meets all modern requirements: a convenient menu to configure the router asus rt n10p, security, a wide range of settings. You can broadcast up to four networks with different access level. The device is ready for operation, access to the Internet via WiFi or wired connection to print documents without connecting wires to the laptop and so on.

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