Setting a beautiful clock on desktop Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

Install beautiful clock on desktop Windows 7

The clock on the desktop is undoubtedly one of the most important and used elements the main screen of Windows 7.

With their help, you can find out the time of day, day of week, month, date, and weather conditions in a particular city and, in some cases, other useful information. It is also possible to set an alarm or timer.

In addition to standard hours, pre-installed on each operating system, you can use third-party applications (they are called gadgets) that allow you to use the additional features and to enjoy the original design.


Clock on desktop in Windows 7 there are different types. As a General principle of their action is the same, and it is based on software, the differences lie only in the appearance and embodiment.

Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

Usually, users make a choice in favor of the gadget, which goes well with the desktop interface, and provides easy access to the time.


Familiar to all from childhood – show the time with arrows. Their advantages include easy user experience and the usual eye look. On the computer they can just display the time, and have a stylized sub-dials indicators of the load of the CPU and RAM.

Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

Some varieties can display the date in the style of classic wrist analog watch. These gadgets are well suited for conservative users, but also for lovers of minimalism.


Much more popular and common among users of the Windows 7 operating system clock, which, in addition to the exact time, can display a variety of other useful information. Often you can configure or disable the display of unnecessary information, leaving only the most important not to be distracted.

Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

These gadgets have customizable color of digits, modified, size, and other parameters that allow you to customize them to fit your needs. In the web you can find a huge variety of designs of digital clocks that are in harmony with even the most daring design of the desktop. We just need to look!

Set clock from menu «Gadgets»

In order to set the gadget’s hours, will not require much time.

Is this action only a few sequential steps:

  1. while on the desktop, right-click the mouse on the empty space;
  2. in the dialog that appears, select «gadgets»;

    Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

  3. after performing the previous action opens the window that contains the icons available for the installation of gadgets;
  4. select the gadget, then click on it two times in a row, or right-click on mouse and select «set»;
  5. confirm the action.
  6. wait for installation to finish.

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After the last step on the desktop will appear the image of the gadget. Hovering over it with the mouse cursor, you can open the options window to customize the functionality to your liking. Also when you hover pane appears change the size and drag.

Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

Initially the menu «Gadgets» is just another gadget hours. For some users it is sufficient and pre-installed apps, but many want to try a different option.

In order to expand the available range, you need to download any version from Internet and then install it. After you install the new gadget will be available in the above window.

Video: Widgets on desktop

Gadget watch PricedownClock

Quite an interesting and multi-functional gadget is a watch called PricedownClock.

It has several following advantages:

  1. flexible configuration, with which you can not only customize the appearance but also to enable or disable the display of seconds, as well as change the size, format, time and style of writing dates;
  2. several are available in a variety of styles and hundreds of colors;
  3. customizable backlighting to create 3d effect with adjustable intensity and color.

Установка красивых часов на рабочий стол Windows 7

In addition to these advantages, these e-text watch is light weight and the presence of several fonts that are bundled. With their help, you can ask the gadget to any desired look.

During operation it will not load the operating system, allowing you to comfortably use a computer and to keep track of time.


Advantages of gadgets-clock for Windows 7 are numerous and undeniable.

Here are just some of the benefits for which they are worth to try:

  1. low weight and low consumption of system resources;
  2. unimaginable a wide range of different colors, designs and styles, thanks to which any user will be able to comply with their wishes;
  3. ease of use the gadget can be customized so that it appears on top of the Windows.
  4. simple installation that will require few mouse clicks and a few seconds of waiting.

Many users of the Windows 7 operating system already installed on a desktop large analog or digital clock, and did not regret about it! They were convinced that with the help of hours for Windows 7, you can find not only the time and date, but the weather anywhere in the world, and even the latest news. Convenient, isn’t it?

Think right now about how to transform your interface and make it more rich and informative thanks to the stylish gadgets. Start now!

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