Set the alarm on my laptop in Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Install alarm clock on laptop in Windows

In everyday life plays an important role. With the help of people adhere to a particular regime: start the workday on time, go for lunch, business meetings and more.

Standard alarm clock is integrated in every dwelling. Configure it on your mobile phone or other devices is no longer news. Is it possible to set the alarm on the laptop? Undoubtedly, there is a possibility. Just not everyone knows about it.

Two basic methods of inclusion:

  1. using standard tools;
  2. installed on laptop programs.

Standard Windows utility

To set an alarm on a laptop, you can use a built-in operating system Windows 7task scheduler.

To invoke it, go to the menu start, then in the search bar enter the word Planner.

You can use the second method:

  1. «start menu»;
  2. then «control Panel»;
  3. select «System and security» administrative tools
  4. finally, the «task Scheduler»;
  5. right in the opened part of the window should be «Create a task»;
  6. choosing the General tab, you need to enter the task name. For example, to call it an Alarm clock. — Specify «Enable»;
  7. the next tab «Triggers». Click On «Create».

If the user needs to Wake up each day worked at the same time, you should ask for this information.

  1. confirm and enter in the column «Action»;
  2. in the drop-down list, choose «Startup programs»;
  3. click «Browse» and define the musical file, which will sound when triggered for a call;
  4. keep choice;
  5. switch to the tab «Conditions»;
  6. put the bird to «Wake computer to run task»;
  7. clicking the «Settings», the user can make adjustments when needed.

The installation is now complete. Most importantly, do not forget to leave a computer in sleep mode, to turn on the sound.

To go, you need to make the following settings in the control Panel:

  1. in the list select «power supply»;

next is to specify in the standard plan «Maximum performance»;

Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

  1. then «change plan settings»;

    Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

  1. set the time interval for sleep mode.

Special program Free Alarm Clock

The program Alarm Clock is very simple and free. Installing it on your computer or laptop, it will not allow to be late with the rise.

Enough to choose the pleasant to the ear ringtone and Wake up with pleasure. It provides for the addition of messages that appear on the screen at the time of the call.

In addition, it can Wake the computer from sleep mode and turn on the monitor power. Alarms can be set as long as necessary and edit them at any time.

Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

It supports large number of audio formats:

  • exe;
  • mp2;
  • mp3;
  • wav;
  • ogg;
  • aiff;
  • aifc;
  • flac;
  • bat;
  • com and other.

In addition to the main function in the Alarm Clock is:

  1. adding a signal with the message;
  2. repeat setting the daily schedule.

    Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

The signals which he is able to play, can be save as a backup file format *.alm.

Message a user can adjust at any time.

Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

If we talk about the repeat mode, you can set or cancel. Delay happens from one to ten minutes.

Working with them is simple. To do this, use the Add button that means to Add, to install the signal. In the opened new window you need to select the alarm time, repetition, insert a text message that accompanies it.

If the user wants to hear music that is stored on your computer, it is enough to specify it.

For some options there is the option to switch on or off:

  • the repetition of the sound;
  • the output PC from standby;
  • the inclusion of the monitor;
  • scheduling calls.

If necessary, change the settings, you can use the Edit button.

The conclusion is itself — the program will be useful to anyone who is afraid to sleep.

For the Windows 8 operating system all settings are made step by step also similar to the seventh version.

Video: set the alarm

How to set alarm clock on laptop in AIMP

There is another very convenient way of setting the alarm on my laptop. For this purpose, a well-known player AIMP.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. click on the round icon located on the right side in the program window;
  2. go to the Alarm tab;

    Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

  3. to install it click on the rectangle to the left of the tab name, select the alarm time (enter from the keyboard), clicking on the special field;
  4. to specify a file for playback, which will become a clock;
  5. to adjust the volume. You can set that it grew gradually;
  6. when all settings is selected, click Apply.

If you use the Scheduler tab, in addition the user can specify parameters for certain actions at the time specified or at the end of a song:

  1. shut down your computer;
  2. close the program window;
  3. to end playing the sound file.

    Устанавливаем будильник на ноутбуке в Windows

With regard to the installation of AIMP player, it’s very simple. Only need to download the installation file and follow the steps. Can handle even an inexperienced user.

Every man, acquainted with different types of alarms could try to put any of them.

They have their pros and cons. It all depends on the needs of the person. This is a decisive factor in the choice of some of them.

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