Sickle on … or search for what SERP

By | 07.04.2016

Sickle on … or search for what SERP

If you’ve heard how some webmaster tells you about some SERPs — do not panic. He speaks of the organic search results that you see on the page when you type a particular search query. In fact SERP does not sickle, since by Russian the acronym would look like PSA, but the English version is more sonorous, and many SEOs generally like to splurge, and that in application on the style common to all mankind can be compared with the style of dress golden age of porn .

That is to say such a SEO guru about a crescent, and the client, so as not to seem ignorant, does not ask about what these things mean. And the majority of SEOs is at hand, because not everyone can achieve the results set by the client, so the client can be powdered brains rid yourself of unnecessary questions. By the way, most SEOs uneducated people and when people talk about search engine optimization was a lie to customers, because it is difficult to optimize the text when you are not able to write.

For example, I often come across the fact that the writing on the order paper, I heard enthusiastic comments, but this text at school writing and nothing outstanding in it there. Judge for yourself what level of speech, one such text is impressive. So, the proverbial SERP search it first, stylistic mistake, since S and the meaning of the word SEARCH, ie Search, so that speaking about the crescent search of a person simply does not catch up. Although convenient, because if the webmaster does not know where is the customer understand what he is. So the search results page or Search Engine Results Rage is the SERP. But in practice, it is, again, the page that opens after the introduction of a search engine query. And what you will see, that is the main issue, kontektsnaya advertising, pictures, videos, corrected typos and all other information on request. that is, nothing complicated.

And the next time your «Prodrive» you begin to confuse the terms, do not panic, but you can drive it in the neck, and to find someone who can speak your language. So how exactly does this mean professionalism. Because a person can do, and he does not need you, you have a client, she trembled in terror and was afraid to ask questions.

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