serious Microsoft is preparing to update File Explorer in Windows 10

By | 09.12.2018

Seriously Microsoft is preparing to update File Explorer in Windows 10

Microsoft готовится серьезно обновить File Explorer в Windows 10

Creating Windows 10, Microsoft has tried to avoid the mistakes made in the process of developing the failed Windows 8. Something was modified, something was improved, but Windows Explorer, alas, has not undergone any major changes, and therefore remains without the long-awaited tabs, optimized for touch input, and other improvements, which Windows users asked for a long time.

Currently, the file Manager in Windows 10 is clearly not suitable for use on devices with a touchscreen, although touch input is supported by the rest of the system. According to Peter Skillman from Microsoft, they are the company understands that the Explorer view requires a radical restyling that will make it more modern, so are already working in this direction, («Yes, we are working on a large update file Explorer»).

@HUGEMSFAN Yes we are working on a total update of the file explorer! Can’t articulate the schedule yet. You are right.

— peter skillman (@peterskillman) March 18, 2016

A Microsoft employee did not go into details, but there is no doubt that development efforts directed towards adaptation File Explorer for easy and efficient use on touch devices. Probably we’ll know more in 10 days during the Build conference in 2016.

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