Script Browser add-on for searching and downloading PowerShell scripts

By | 10.12.2018

Script Browser add-on for search, download, and PowerShell scripts

System administrators know well the value of time, so when writing your own PowerShell scripts often use a ready-made code borrowed from other developers. Ready-made scripts on the Internet there are a great many, just need to find a suitable. To make this task easier will help a new addition called Script Browser, developed by Microsoft and is designed to expand the functionality of the scripting environment PowerShell.

Script Browser is a simple tool designed for quick search of the database scripts on the TechNet Script Center and download them to your computer. Script Browser is installed just like any program. The tool is endowed with a simple and convenient user interface with support for Russian language. Externally, the program represents something average between classic PowerShell console, PowerShell ISE tool and the search system TechNet. Work window is divided into two main parts. The most left part is the PowerShell console, lower right — side menu, which consists of three tabs.

All who’ve dealt with PowerShell, of course, will benefit from the Script Browser. To work with the program is very simple. To find the script to just enter the keyword, press enter, then the utility will display a list of all matches. It also displays the script name, rating, description and developer name. Found the scripts can be passed to clipboard or launch the.

Script Browser – дополнение для поиска и скачивания скриптов PowerShell

In that case, if the search gave some similar results, you can use filtering. Scripts can be sorted by rating, release date, downloads, rating, title, and developer. The program also supports the standard functions Cut, Copy, Paste, move to the selected line, search within the script, switching the extensions of the structure, running individual code snippets, debug output point list stops displaying call stacks, zooming, loading multiple scripts and much, much more.

Special attention is given Script component Analyzer, designed to test executable scripts to analyze their effectiveness. It is also worth noting that there is a separate tab for quick access to the cmdlets and paste them into the PowerShell console. To load the extension on the official website of Microsoft. Browser Script is distributed absolutely free, for correct operation requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.

The download page:

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