Scientists have created a textile battery smart gadgets as stretchable fabric

By | 11.12.2018

Scientists have created a textile battery smart gadgets, which stretched like a piece of cloth

The batteries of electronic gadgets are becoming better and better, but, of course, there’s something to be desired, especially in the security sphere. Scientists are experimenting with different ideas, make them safer and increase capacity. Experts from Binghamton University in new York has implemented a completely different approach and were able to create a unique battery for mobile devices. The prototype was made of textile and can be stretched in the same way as we do it with a piece of cloth.

Scientists have conducted a public demonstration of the battery, which is able to generate and transmit electricity even after numerous cycles of stretching and bending. This is the first in the industry of textile bio-battery, which can generate a maximum power of 64 µW/cm2 and has a density of 52 a/cm2. Parameters that are similar to other flexible elements and for textile based microbial fuel cells. The chemical composition of new batteries, however, is one of interesting characteristics.

Ученые создали текстильную батарею для смарт-гаджетов, растягивающуюся как ткань

The specific structure allows the prototype to eat natural bodily secretions, such, for example, like sweat. Thus the textile battery could find a place not only in electronic gadgets, but also to accelerate market introduction of more “smart” clothes. Currently working on a method that will allow the battery to generate data about the activity of the human body and send them to an external device. Imagine, for example, a t-shirt that tracks your workout in real-time.

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