Scan the QR codes, Microsoft Tag and the text with Windows phone device

By | 10.12.2018

Scan QR codes, Microsoft Tag and text by using your Windows phone

Did you know that Windows Phone has built-in features for scanning such bar codes, like QR codes? No, no third party apps required. Moreover, you can even scan and translate text from your phone. All you need to do is just bring the camera lens. Read on to learn how it works.

This guide is suitable for users of phones with Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8.

What is a QR code and a Microsoft Tag?

QR code and Microsoft Tag are special barcodes used to encode all kinds of information. QR codes (Quick Response) look like square images consisting of small black dots on a white background. Now QR codes are found practically everywhere: on websites, in Newspapers or even in supermarkets. Codes can contain a link to a website, a business card, information about a product and so on.

Сканируем QR-коды, Microsoft Tag’и и текст при помощи телефона с Windows Phone

The same definition applies to Microsoft Tag. This code is similar to QR code but consists of several series of colored triangles. In General, QR codes and Microsoft Tag and are used to store information and act as a reference to choosing their Creator.

How to scan a QR code

It all starts with opening a search on your phone by pressing the button «Search».

Next you need to click on «Image» in the bottom of the screen.

Сканируем QR-коды, Microsoft Tag’и и текст при помощи телефона с Windows Phone

When the phone activates the camera, point the lens at the QR code and wait until the screen displays the result. In my case, the QR code acts as a link to our website, and if you click on it, the website will open in Internet Explorer.

If you want to test the scanner, I suggest to use the QR-code, which is published below.

How to scan Microsoft Tag

Scanning Microsoft tags exactly the same as scanning QR codes: click on the «Search» button, then click «Image» and direct the camera at the tag.

Everything works fine, the results are displayed automatically. To check, scan a Microsoft Tag, which you can see below. This tag also acts as a link to our website. Click on the result and WindowsTips.Ru will be opened in your phone’s browser.

How to scan the text, translate it or search for text on the Internet

Another interesting feature of Windows Phone is the platform’s ability to scan text with a camera phone. Scanned text can be translated into another language or used to find on the Internet.

Scanning text is done almost as well as scan QR codes and Microsoft Tag s – click on the button «Search» next to «Image» and then click «Search». Next camera need to restore the text that you want to scan. For best results, text should be visible as clearly as possible.

Windows Phone defines the text blocks that were scanned and then allocates them. You can click on any block with the text and it will be added as a search query. However, if you want to translate scanned text, click on the «Translate»button.

You will be prompted to choose the language you want to translate the text, then Windows Phone will automatically translate the recognized text into the language you specified.

How to scan books, CDs or DVDs

Windows Phone allows you to scan different types of products, including covers of books, CDs, or DVDs. By scanning the barcodes of these products, you can find more information about them on the Internet. The scanning procedure is the same as described above.

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