Satya Nadella wants the open source community chose Azure

By | 11.12.2018

Satya Nadella wants the open source community chose Azure

Microsoft has never been a supporter of open source software, but it seems that after the appointment of Satya Nadella CEO, the company took a policy of rapprochement with the open source community. In particular, Microsoft wants to attract software developers and open source for their cloud platform Azure.

In 2001, Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, shocked many claim that Linux is a cancer to any intellectual property to which it touches. But now from Redmond blowing another wind – Satya Nadella focuses on cloud and wants to turn Azure an attractive platform for opensource community.

With this idea in Microsoft were assigned a new Manager who will be responsible for the global relationship with the industry open source. Veteran mark hill has worked at Microsoft for 22 years, and now his task will be to show the benefits of developing open source apps for Azure. The main goal of the company to make cloud-based platform from Microsoft to better compete with solutions from Google and Amazon.

In an interview with CNET, mark hill said that Microsoft is ready to provide developers with all necessary resources, including tools, advice and training. The company has already hired specialists in open-source worldwide, which should help Microsoft become closer to the community.

The software is open source, which is used as an alternative to applications from Microsoft, has significantly expanded its position in recent years, both in the cloud and among organizations. An example is the administration in Munich, which was abandoned MS Office in favor of open OpenOffice.

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