SAP what is this program and its description

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SAP what is this program and its description

In order for the business to develop best way, you need to automate accounting at the enterprises irrespective of their sizes and forms of ownership.


Also it is necessary for executives who can quickly make corrective changes, allowing you to achieve optimal performance.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

For automation of accounting in domestic enterprises today, there are many different offers such as:


    • 1C: Accounting;


    • Parus-accounting;


    • BEST;


    • Info-accountant;


    • SAP.


Until recently, domestic enterprises used the «1: Accounting». But since 1992, increasingly, large and medium-sized enterprises established by the German SAP software.


Customers of this software are such huge enterprises as joint-stock companies «Gazprom» and «Gazprom Neft», «LUKOIL» and «TNK», the diamond company «ALROSA» and many other giant corporations.


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What is SAP


Accounting program SAP is an automated system that enables you to plan the resources of big enterprises, which allows to calculate every detail, and forms a single information space.


Due to the modular principle, according to which the performance of the ERP system, there was the possibility of using not only individual components of the SAP system, and combinations thereof.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

The maximum effect from the use of the system can be achieved only if the enterprise performs all operations within a single environment. SAP® ERP lets you update and post data that the hour come to all necessary departments of the company.


The system uses a model consisting of three elements:


    • the client;


    • application server;

      SAP что это за программа и ее описание


    • system that manages various databases.


The end user assumes that the accounting system has merged the main functions in two areas:


    1. reporting and accounting, including all necessary. The program also takes into account the internal costs in all emerging areas, allows you to manage orders and funds, and take into account all other results;


    1. logistics allows you to combine not only planning but also management, and marketing, which includes invoicing, further sale and shipment. Logistics also provides logistics, allowing to make purchases, monitor accounts and manage stocks.


The history of the emergence


In 1972, in Germany the company was founded to create software and provide consulting services for organizations. It was created by five employees of German origin who had retired from the IBM Corporation.


The abbreviation of the company name translated in Russian language as «System analysis and software development». Quickly enough she began to enjoy success and demand among world-renowned companies, whose management was considered the most effective.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

From the very beginning, SAP has specialized in the development of automated systems that allow to manage the processes within the enterprise, these include not only accounting and production processes and trading operations. It also includes personnel management and inventory turnover.


High product quality, constant innovation and ability to anticipate has allowed the company SAP since 2009 to become one of four world leaders to create programs used in large enterprises.


Since 2007, the Corporation started merging, buying of a company producing software for predictive Analytics, analyzing and processing data, controlling the quality and production processes at the industrial enterprises, as well as management of human capital.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

SAP Corporation is developing a system of applications which adapt, given the legal context of a country. The company also helps to introduce the system as additional services. To this end, it has developed its own methodology, called ValueSAP.


The most famous product


The most popular product is the ERP system, which allows you to manage all resources both internal and external. It forms a single information space for input, processing and receiving information about activities inside the enterprise.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

Thanks to the SAP R/3intended as a comprehensive automation of major enterprises, the Corporation quickly rose to the level of world leaders and became a world famous manufacturer FOR allowing all procedures to automate, with the help of which the formation of business processes.

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In 2004, SAP was submitted to software platform called SAP NetWeaver 2004, which included the following products:



    • Process Integration is an integration solution for enterprise level.


    • Business Intelligence creates enterprise data warehouse, part of which included business analysts.


    • Enterprise Portal is used for portal solutions company.


    • Master Data Management conducts normative and reference information for the enterprise.

      SAP что это за программа и ее описание


    • Knowledge Management is a platform that allows you to manage knowledge.


    • Mobile Infrastructure is a platform that allows to implement app with which to work, you can use mobile devices.


    • Application Server allows you to operate SAP NetWeaver and system ERP or R/3.



Description the accounting program SAP


Accounting program SAP is installed only on the enterprises of large business, as the cost of the software sometimes reaches 5% or 10% of annual turnover of the company, implementation services system is also quite high. And yet no matter what, major corporations prefer to install this system.

SAP что это за программа и ее описание

Functional programs consist of the following SAP modules:



    • The PP module provides the ability to plan and manage such types of production as discrete and continuous cycle;


    • Module MM allows to manage material flows, it includes a directory of services and materials procurement system, including adoption of the applications until receipt of the inventory items are accounted for inventories in warehouses, collection and analysis of all necessary materials;


    • Modules AM and AA provide the parish account, write-off, the wear and movement of fixed assets in the enterprise structure such as company assets by asset classes, is also tax accounting for fixed assets;

      SAP что это за программа и ее описание


    • The FI module is responsible for Finance;


    • The RM module provides maintenance and ongoing repair of equipment;


    • The module provides a control by which management accounting is being implemented It allows to analyze under which conditions there is profit and losses, and analyzes the place and the reasons for the receipt and expenditure of funds;


    • The SD module manages system processes sales, allowing you to invoice, to complete and ship;


    • The HR module allows you to manage staff, to consider personnel, select personnel and to calculate wages.



Additions to the package


As the company always tries to innovate, it has provided the following additions to the package:



    • Open PS is a Supplement that serves as an interface between the project System and other external systems. This Supplement helps to provide flexibility and freedom of access to the necessary parts of the system from the outside, and it can be used to carry out important business transactions;


    •  Internet and intranet-ons allow the use of corporate networks by automatically creating a screen for entering the system each registered user. This allows you to increase the possibilities FOR creating a system of supply management, which included everything from customers and to suppliers of raw materials.



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Stages of implementation


Implementation is the process that changes the activity of the enterprise, it needs to achieve its goals in a limited period of time.


Typically, targets include:



    • getting the user all the necessary information about the state of current Affairs. The Manager sees all the necessary near real-time;


    • rangering that are improving business processes (unnecessary are eliminated, and the useful efficiency is improved).



Stages of implementation involve the following steps:



    1. preparation of the project. The necessity of investigation of activity of the enterprise in the case if it was not done in advance;


    1. conceptual design. Developed and negotiated all proposals for improving activities;


    1. implementation. You need to bring the organizational structure in the state that you want.


    1. final preparation. Training to key and end users;


    1. pherehad to production and subsequent support. It is necessary to achieve a coherent and competent work of all users in order to achieve the set goals;


    1. adaptation or adjustment of the system the specifics of the business.


SAP что это за программа и ее описание

Despite the fact that the SAP is extremely complex, many executives of huge companies have appreciated it. SAP is not just a program, it helps to make decisions that alter the business processes, which in turn leads to a significant increase in profits.

Through innovation, SAP develops software that can be used by not only large businesses but also medium and small forms of economy. On an SAP platform developed for them applications Business One and Business All-in-One, which will fully satisfy their needs

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