Samsung to produce smartphones with Windows Phone

By | 10.12.2018

Samsung will produce smartphones with Windows Phone

Samsung may not achieve success with smartphones based on Tizen, but the Korean company may again bet on Windows Phone. According to the Korean media, the electronics giant is already testing the stability of the mobile platform from Microsoft as it plans to release cheap devices with it in 2015.

According to an unnamed but who is working on this project, the company implements a pilot program to test the stability of the software, and is interested in business and promotion of products with the Windows.

The latest smartphone with Windows Phone which was released by the company, was Samsung ATIV SE, but it was launched to the market in April last year. What prevents the next project is the lawsuit between Microsoft and Samsung over royalty. In October last year, the American company filed a suit against Samsung with the requirement to pay 6.9 million dollars, part from the amount that Samsung should pay Microsoft.

As is known, the software giant earns a lot of money at the expense of manufacturers of Android devices, including Samsung. In 2011, both companies signed an agreement in which he agreed the terms, but Samsung refuses to continue this practice, arguing that Microsoft, after the acquisition of the mobile link Nokia no longer has the right to insist on the old rules.

Anonymous claims that the fate of the production of new devices with Windows Phone under the Samsung brand fully depends on the ability of two companies to agree to stop the trial. If this happens, we will see new models towards the end of the year, while some of them can be released Windows 10.

Microsoft knows Samsung has indisputable advantages in marketing and understands that it will be useful to promote Windows Phone. Samsung also knows about this. However, both companies are still trying to find a solution.

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