Samsung refuses to pay Microsoft patent fees

By | 10.12.2018

Samsung refused to pay patent fees to Microsoft

Negotiations between Samsung and Microsoft for patent fees, which the Korean company should pay to your partner, have stalled. Samsung filed a lawsuit, insisting that their agreement with the awarding of software giant should be annulled, and the motive is the uptake of mobile business of Nokia by Microsoft, reports Reuters.

Samsung lawyers claim that Microsoft violated the terms of the Treaty of 2011, after the deal with Nokia was a direct competitor of Korean company.

In accordance with the agreement, Samsung has to pay Microsoft about $1 billion as patent royalties and $6.9 million for late payments. To get the money in August, Microsoft launched legal proceedings against your partner.

Before the deal with Nokia, the Korean company paid regularly. However, after closing the Koreans from Samsung have stopped to pay, citing the fact that Microsoft is now their direct competitor and this violates the agreement between them.

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