Samsung has received a patent for the technology to scan the palm of your hand

By | 10.12.2018

Samsung has patented technology to scan the palm of your hand

This year, Samsung Corporation debuted its own version of the iris that complement the fingerprint sensor technology and facial recognition system, the reliability of which, by the way, did not become a priority.

Soon gadgets the Galaxy will get another unique technology — biometric user identification. This indicates discovered in South Korea patent Samsung. We are talking about the palm scanner.

Samsung получила патент на технологию сканирования ладони

Front camera photographed the palm of the owner of the mobile device to continue to display the fragmented password, placed in a scatter across the screen.

Of course, attackers will find it harder to gain unauthorized access to the gadget, after all, who has the hands of friends and even more strangers?However, this security system has its own nuances, which the developers do not have to mention. So it is unlikely that new technology will be popular for making mobile payments.

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