Samsung Galaxy R: brief overview and key features

By | 10.12.2018

Samsung Galaxy R: what is the difference from Galaxy S II

It’s been a long time since the markets of today’s smartphones came out wonderful Samsung Galaxy S II. The device was able to please absolutely everyone, because a smartphone is simply amazing in its performance, and appearance (its huge display) also attracted attention. But after some time, Samsung has prepared another novelty. Although at the first meeting with a smartphone had the impression of a déjà vu, because everyone really thought in front of us Galaxy S II. But actually it Samsung Galaxy R. If a more detailed examination revealed that this device is not very far away from the Galaxy S II. But first things first.

Externally, the Galaxy R looks just like its big brother Galaxy S II, only there is a small design changes. The first difference is the material from which made the housing. If the Galaxy S II we have only plastic, the new smartphone has a combination of plastic and metal. That is why the case is thicker by 1 mm, and the weight of the smartphone scored as many as 134 gr.

Samsung Galaxy R: краткий обзор и ключевые особенности

All keys (including their location) are identical to the keys of the Galaxy S II. On the front of the building there is a beautiful Super Clear LCD-display with a diagonal of 4, 2 inches. The display resolution of 480×800 pixels. The display of Galaxy R is much brighter and displays colors more naturally than the Galaxy S II. At viewing angles the picture is very good. Inside the smartphone has all the best. The processor is Tegra 2 with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz.

Memory has 512 MB. The amount of internal memory of 8 GB, expandable up to 32 GB via MicroSD slot. The camera on the Galaxy R is slightly worse than the Galaxy S II is only 5 MP. But thanks to its powerful processor, you can shoot video in 720p HD. A picture has no flaws.

As for playing multimedia files, it is worth noting that the smartphone supports MPEG-4, DivX and Xvid. The processor also helps a lot when browsing the Internet. The browser is not slow, and video playback over the Internet (including HD) is no hardship. The operating system on the smartphone is Android 2. 3. 3. You should pay attention to the special user interface of TouchWiz 4. 0 from Samsung. On the home screen can accommodate seven panels, and you can change the size of icons flick of the fingers. Also of note is the presence of voice commands, G-Sensor, widgets, the ability of the special movements of the fingers to change the size of the browser and gallery. The software is also very impressive.

Samsung Galaxy R: краткий обзор и ключевые особенности

In addition to standard applications, the Galaxy S II, Galaxy R, you should pay attention on such programs as Social Hub (social networking), Music Hub (allows you to listen and purchase music online), Readers Hub (an application in the form of bookshelves for reading and purchase of books and magazines) and Games Hub (the catalogue is available in the market of games for every taste). The smartphone has a battery capacity of 1650 mAh.

The conclusion is only one. Although Galaxy R is heavier and thicker than Galaxy S II (not counting the 5 Megapixel camera), the new smartphone from Samsung is a smart device of its type that will suit the taste of any user.

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