The site of the company, as a source of income

By | 07.04.2016

Many businessmen starting their own business sincerely believe that if they start in the job site, immediately begin rabid profit. Therefore, in the creation, development and promotion company invests quite decent money. For those who are coming to the site seriously, investing in this website seven-digit number. And here’s the paradox: if you invest the same amount in any internet business subject project, then you can get good profit by placing ads on the site. If you invest the money in the creation of one more project, then your profit will grow and for small and medium businesses it will have the same income as the business of the firm. Only the degree of passivity of earnings on the Internet project are much higher than in the business. That is, you will earn the same money, but you will not have to go to the office, actually rent an office, too — do not. Work on the Internet project can be at home or on the beach, the only condition is to have a computer and internet.

The site of the firm brings a notional profit because customers come to the site not only for promotion, contextual advertising and advertising in the media, business cards and customer feedback. And new customers, for the most part it is people who have heard about us from a friend or have moved to a site on the business card.

A search for the many tourists come to the site to study and compare. That is, even if in some way the comparison is not in your favor, then the site will not work as you expected. Moreover, not always the first place to find guarantees you the influx of customers. That is, people are impulsive, maybe will come directly to you and not go to other sites. But imagine a situation, which is quite a quiet person looking for products or services that your company offers. He will pass a lot of sites and will issue information and to analyze it. And then called a few companies, and at equal prices and other factors, the chances of the person to whom the last call — more. That is, the one who was the first in the search will be the last in the list of those to whom to turn. That is the first place in the search for true for those who have really favorable conditions and a convenient location, and manager — monster sales, that is to call your company client no longer able to get out.

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