safety when working with the computer

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Safety when working with the computer

The possibility of negative consequences from the use of a personal computer is the same as in the operation of other household appliances. It is common knowledge that it is important to observe safety measures with a microwave, an iron or a kettle.

The neglect of basic recommendations has serious implications for their owners. A computer is a potential source of threats to health, property and even the life of the user.

Indirect damage that is invisible at once, is the damage to health:

  • already in anybody does not cause doubt as to the existence of a huge adverse impact on vision, which causes irreversible deterioration, redness and the syndrome of «dry eye»;
  • incorrect posture when working at a computer causes numerous diseases of the joints, the thorax and the regular pains of various nature;
  • time bomb – excessive load on the psyche of the user. The need to constantly focus on numerous details and change images on the monitor cause fatigueТехника безопасности при работе с компьютером

Danger PC as the appliance is in the occurrence of failures in electricity supply and ignition of the entire system.

General safety rules

Safety when working with computer on the enterprise provides existence of public instruction, which States mandatory requirements for the arrangement of the workplace and the use of technology. These rules are the same for all organizations, controls their execution by the governing bodies.

The basic rules for the organization of space around the workplace:

  • prolonged and intensive use, the surface of the modules of the PC (system unit, monitor, mouse, etc.) having a small discharge current. These particles aktiviziruyutsya while touching him and lead to breakdowns. You need to regularly use converters, humidifiers, antistatic agents;
  • around the table should not be wires hanging down, the user should not be in contact with them;
  • important the hull integrity of the plug and socket;
  • missing ground prekrasnogo filter is checked by means of measuring devices;
  • preferably during construction works in the office to use the minimum number of easily flammable materials (wood, foam), as well as fuel, plastic and insulation. It is recommended to give preference to brick, glass, metal, etc.;
  • the room should be well ventilated and cool in the hottest time of the year. Important timely removal of excess heat from equipment.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

Safety requirements

For office workers should be held basic oral instruction in printed text should be provided for detailed study. Organization mandatory places information sheet in a prominent place.

Instruction covers the full cycle of human contact with computer. It begins with the installation of equipment for service and ends with disposal of the device.

Before starting work

Even if we are talking about the workplace, which is used every day and is regularly checked by specialists (as, for example, in the office or school), you can not lose vigilance.

Before you turn on the computer, you need to pay a couple of minutes the following actions:

  • you need to make sure that in range no exposed wires and various cords.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

    They not only hinder work, but are a potential hazard in case of short circuit;

  • you can’t start work on the technique with visible damage. In case of detection of cracks on the case or damage another kind, you need to ask for help in service center. The same applies to a PC with a faulty indicator on/off.
  • the items on the table should not interfere with the review, use the mouse and keyboard. The screen surface must be absolutely clean;
  • on the system unit, there should be no objects, since the resulting vibrations can disrupt the operation of the device. You need to make sure that no foreign objects are interfering with the cooling system.
  • it is unacceptable to turn a personal computer into extension cords and sockets that do not have a grounding bus.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

  • it is forbidden to start work in rooms with high humidity, and in case, if there are open sources of water (puddles, wet floors). To turn the equipment on only after complete drying of the surrounding objects.
  • it is unacceptable to frequently turn on and off the computer throughout the working day unnecessarily. The system simply cannot cope with the need to quickly minimize all processes.

In carrying out the work

Since the personal computer has all the properties of an electrical device, it is subject to basic safety rules when communicating with the conductors of current:

  • it is impossible to place any thing on the reins and independently change their location without special needs;
  • it is recommended to avoid the location of the liquids near the computer modules. So the water cooler or the coffee machine needs to be set aside from jobs in the office. Users should be aware of the potential danger of snapping in case of spill water on the keyboard or the system unit. You cannot work on a PC with wet hands;
  • it is impossible to clean the surface from dirt when it is in an enabled state;
  • it is unacceptable to remove the body of any of the components of the PC during its operation.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

    In addition, analysis and repair technicians have committed only specialized workers;

  • while working on the computer you cannot touch other metal structures that are on the same surface. This applies to radiators or pipes;
  • in the room with the computers not allowed to smoke or to eat directly in the workplace;
  • if you experience even a slight burnt smell, you need to turn off the PC from the network and contact the person responsible for maintaining computer equipment.

As mentioned above, improper handling of a personal computer is fraught with many threats to human health.

To minimize this effect, even during long periods behind a monitor, is forever to remember the following tenets:

  • the distance between the eyes and the screen is not less than half a meter. But the user should be able to reach it with your fingertips to the top of the monitor;

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

  • keyboard is 20-30 inches from the edge of the table;
  • the chair is so that the back is only slightly rested on his back. Seat height allows you to keep a flat posture;
  • elbows bent at right angles, and the hands lying on the table, you won’t feel the stress;
  • the elbows do not hang in the air, and are comfortable on the arms of the chair or the countertop. Their position does not change significantly when moving the mouse;
  • feet rest on the solid surface, when extended forward, not bent.
  • if the user wears glasses, then you need to make sure that it can freely adjust the screen angle.
  • extremely important periodic charging. Every hour need to get up from the chair, stretch your muscles and joints. Indeed, despite the stillness, they feel an enormous burden, being in an unnatural position. Sure to do workout for the eyes: circular and linear motion open eyes, blink and bloom.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

In emergency situations

Timely vigilance will help to avoid dangerous situations for life and to preserve the integrity of the equipment.

Actions in emergency situations:

  1. if you have trouble of any kind in the power supply device is necessary to immediately disconnect the computer from the network;
  2. if discovered bare wire, you must promptly notify all employees of the office, not allowing anyone to contact with him;
  3. each facility must have fire extinguishers GTC-3 or OU-2, as well as buckets and cloths as necessary. Staff must know where to find the means to quench the flame and where you need to call in case of fire;
  4. with the defeat of man by electric current primarily provide first aid: artificial respiration and intensive external heart massage. In the first moments after the shock, called an ambulance.

    Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

At the end of work

Before completion you need to properly close all programs and Windows. Do not leave active media (disks and flash drives). It should be noted that the order of the switching off of the component parts of the PC is different from the order of their inclusion is exactly the opposite. The computer starts going on the chain: the General feed – periphery – system unit. Off, accordingly, starts with the system unit.

To pull the plug should clinging onto her body. It is impossible to make sudden jerks and the more pull the cord.

After completion, it is desirable to eliminate the excess static electricity from the surface of the appliance and carry out wet cleaning of the workplace.

Video: How to sit correctly at the computer

Rules of placement of monitor

  1. the monitor is at a distance equal to the length of the user’s hand. If the screen diagonal of more than twenty inches, the distance anymore;
  2. eyes are on the line, which is 5 inches below the top of the screen. This is regulated by the height of your chair and monitor;
  3. the screen is located at the center in order so you don’t need to hold the neck in an unnatural position;
  4. Windows in the room must not create glare on the screen. The light from the window is not brighter than the light from the PC;
  5. excessive contrast and brightness of the image to bore sight, you must configure these indicators;
  6. in offices where the computers are located in two rows need to be inserted intermediate the screen to absorb excess radiation.

Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

If such protection is absent, then the minimum distance from the nearest screen – not less than two meters.

Requirements to the workplace

The minimum area of a working place for one person 6 m2. The light should come from natural and artificial sources. The lamps are shimmering from the screen, and an excess of sunlight is necessary to keep the fabric curtains. It is not desirable to illuminate the room solely through a ceiling skylight.

It is forbidden to place computer wires near the heating system, their isolation must be integrated. The system unit should not stand in the alcove of a Desk or other confined space where a disruption of normal ventilation

Техника безопасности при работе с компьютером

To exclude all possible risks, you need to take responsibility for all stages of computer use. The user can and should control the entire cycle of interaction with technology. The process of compliance with the usage rules must be continuous and integrated.

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