Running a beta testing of the game Project Spark for Windows 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

Started beta testing of the game Project Spark for Windows 8.1

At E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in June of this year, Microsoft introduced its new multi-genre project Spark. This is a game that follows the model of the mega hit Little Big Planet (exclusive to PlayStation), in which the user-generated game content can be used in conjunction with the community. Project Spark also supports SmartGlass and Kinect.

The beta version of Project Spark today, was published for Windows 8.1, so if you’re one of the few users of a new version of Windows, you can use the opportunity to play Spark, but only after registering on the website Project Spark.

Next year, closed beta will be launched for the Xbox One, but Microsoft promises that will provide multi-platform support, ie the game will be available for other operating systems and consoles.

Microsoft wants the user to create new worlds and simultaneously researched them. Most of the work will execute the Spark, and users are required only to specify the parameters, the script and the nature of the game. Engine Spark looks incredibly flexible, so very curious as to what I can do developers, when it falls into their hands.

Let’s hope that the project will develop, because it is the most interesting thing that Microsoft has done lately. Don’t forget to watch the demo video.

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