Rockstar releases GTA: San Andreas for Windows 8.1/RT

By | 09.12.2018

Rockstar releases GTA: San Andreas for Windows 8.1/RT

Great news! Soon after launching versions for Windows Phone 8, GTA: San Andreas is now available to users of Windows 8.1/RT. No, you heard right, one of the most popular parts of the popular GTA Saga can now be run on tablets and other devices with Windows 8.1/RT.

Perhaps GTA: SA needs no introduction, as this game has become an important part of video game history. SA has made a great contribution to the development of the popular genre in which the gamer can interact with the game world in various ways, including a variety of vehicles. And personally, I think this is a very important moment in the evolution of the Windows Store, because it suggests that large companies such as Rockstar, start to believe in its potential.

The greatest pleasure of the game, of course, will be given to the owners of tablets, as they will be able to play with the use of a control system optimized for touch. Updated GTA: San Andreas received and processed graphical component – the developers have increased texture resolution, improved character models, lighting and rendering. Of course, if need be, you may at any time be able to intervene in the graphic settings of the game to find a balance between performance and graphics quality.

GTA: San Andreas for Windows 8.1/RT can be purchased in the Windows Store for 220 rubles. And before installing do not forget to make sure your device has at least 1.84 GB free space.

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