Review and install Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Review and install Windows 10

Developers strive to simplify the process of installation of their products. This allows to perform the procedure even for those users who do not have such skills. The main thing to know certain information and to stock an impressive degree of patience.

Major innovations

Each new version of the operating system has a whole list of innovations. The tenth edition is characterized by the following innovations:

  • returned Desk as a key interface for the user. To all those who liked the interface «eight», you can return it by choosing the appropriate option. Now all apps can run from the start menu;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • modified Charms bar. In previous versions were almost useless. Now this panel will only work on tablets;
  • visual desktops. This feature was the most improved: now you can freely switch between them during operation. However, you cannot move them;
  • decorated Desk. The developers have decorated this element, adding new icons;
  • Tip: for those that don’t like it, you can enable the theme from the previous versions (in the menu «personalization»).

  • optimizing operations with powerful screens. The 4K resolution is becoming the mother tongue of many modern monitors. Therefore, in the new OS added the function of dynamic control settings, relative pixel density;
  • significantly improved the start-up screen. Added the so-called live tiles;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • optimized the notification center;
  • added Storage Sense. This feature allows you to optimize the performance of the device. This is true for weak tablets, which have insufficient physical memory;
  • added Wi-Fi Sense. This utility makes it easy to connect to wireless networks. Borrowed from Windows Phone;
  • embedded Internet Explorer 12. Despite the weak popularity of this browser, Microsoft promotes it diligently;
  • modified the update Manager. Now, this utility will offer updates in accordance with the characteristics of the particular PC and its user.

Where to get

In September 2014 it became available for download version Technical Preview. However, it is characterized by a sufficient number of bugs and errors. Thus, it fully confirms the status of «rough».

Relatively recently (in April 2015) there was an updated Insider Preview. It fixed some bugs (for example, the appearance of «black screen»). It is provided free of charge on the Microsoft site there is the download link and keys.

Обзор и установка Windows 10

Moreover, there is a unique opportunity to upgrade to OS 7 or 8 generations until the 10th. This procedure is absolutely free, the main thing that Windows was licensed.

Important! You can update even non-genuine version of seven or eight, but it will turn into a pirate ten. Therefore, the users of «piratok» the easiest way to download a full licensed version, as long as it is distributed free of charge.

Unfortunately, some users complain that regularly flies activation. The only way to fix this problem is to disable the updates.

Video: Download and install

System requirements

Oddly enough, the computer requirements Windows 10 practically do not differ from those that apply to 7 and 8 versions.

However, it is necessary to describe them:

  1. dual-core process with a clock frequency of 1GHz;
  2. RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) and 2 GB (64-bit);
  3. free space on hard drive at least 16 GB (for stable operation may require more);
  4. video card that supports DirectX 9;
  5. activation will require an Internet connection.

Please note: if you are in doubt about the performance of your PC, don’t worry. Before you start the installation, the system will diagnose your equipment, and if it does not meet the requirements, a message appears.

Preparing to install

To install OS by using CD or bootable USB drive. The first method is usually more reliable.

Disc creation utility BurnAware Free

If you wish to install from the disk, you need to write it a certain way. This will help us utility BurnAware.Обзор и установка Windows 10

This procedure is as follows:

  • download the program and install it. It is distributed on a free basis;
  • next, insert a clean DVD into the drive and run the application;
  • in the right side menu choose «write ISO image»;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • a window will appear in which you will need to specify the path to the downloaded OS image;
  • then set the recording speed. Be sure to choose the lowest speed, as this will protect from all sorts of errors;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • at the end press the «burn»button.

Обзор и установка Windows 10

A common error 0x80070570 can occur when the used disk will be damaged. Therefore, you should only use a new disc.

You can use other programs, for example, UltraISO or Nero. However BurnAware is easy to use and «easy». Nero is very demanding on the system, besides much eats RAM.

Step-by-step installation of Windows 10

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10 installation manual will help you with this. Almost all of the procedures automated. Therefore, the user is required minimum of knowledge and skills.

Activation boot disk

To start the installation you need to do some climbing in the BIOS.

You will need to do the following:

  1. when the computer starts to access BIOS. To do this, press the corresponding key is F2, F8, Esc or Del (depending on version). Most immediately at startup message will be displayed indicating which key you want to press;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  2. next you need to configure a sequence so that on the first place was the drive. Depending on the specific BIOS-and this may be the Boot or System Configuration. Finding the section you want, and put the drive in the first place with the help of the arrows;
  3. in the end, select the item «save & exit». After that, restart your computer.

The installation itself

In some cases, you may receive error number 0x80070017.

If you are sure that the disk is no problem, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • RAM. This error may occur due to problems with this device. Therefore, you should test it with various utilities to test the computer;
  • Winchester. It can be errors, so it is recommended to check it out. There is a built-in utility (CHKDSK);
  • Initially, the system will ask you to press any key and this will open the main window. To do this you will need the following:

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • in the window that appears, select a language. At the moment there is only English version. Will also need to choose a time format. After that, click Next button;
  • a window will appear with only one button «Install now». Push it. Also in this window you can select system restore;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • you will see the standard license agreement. Read it (optional) and click Next;
  • now select the second item (Custom);

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • you will see a list of existing sections. Here you can directly format the hard disk, and to separate them;

    Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • Important! You cannot assign the unpacking on the same partition that already has an OS.

  • you can create a new section by clicking on the New button. You will then be asked to specify the allocated size;
  • selecting (or creating) section, click Next. Will start the main process.

Next, the system will produce an installation.

Обзор и установка Windows 10

Configuring OS

After installation is complete (depends on PC performance) you will be prompted to connect to an available Wi-Fi networks. The Internet is needed to activate, so plug it in. If you have a wired or 3G Internet, the activation can be done later.

Then a window will appear with the settings. You will be offered two options: automatic (Use express)or manual (Customize) settings. It is best to use the second option, as these parameters are suitable for most users.

If you want to do everything for themselves, it will be possible to configure aspects such as:

Обзор и установка Windows 10

  • enable/disable updates.
  • their periodicity;
  • permission to submit reports.

Then a window will appear in which you will need to enter the account information. If you do not have to register. For this you will need to have email and Internet access.

In the next window you will be prompted to set up OneDrive. After that, click Next and after a while you will see Desk. This means that the installation is completed.

video: Overview of all new features

Install drivers

In the end you will have to install all the necessary drivers. If you have a disc (issued when you purchase a PC), just insert it and follow the instructions.

In its absence it is possible to solve this problem in the following ways:

  • install Manager drivers. For it to work you must be connected to the Internet.
  • download drivers;
  • to search manually for each unit. We will use the identification number (found in device properties). Insert this set of letters and numbers into a search engine. Then we find suitable for our system option.

It is worth noting that almost all drivers that are compatible with Windows 7 and 8 suitable for 10. Therefore, if you have them, burn them to a disc or USB flash drive before OS installation.

That’s about it. As you can see, the process of installing a new operating system is not that complicated. Remember that if «ten» you won’t like it, you can at any time revert to an earlier Windows. You will need to insert boot disk (or USB flash drive) and select «update».

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