Reuters: Cortana will be available as apps for Android and iOS

By | 10.12.2018

Reuters: Cortana will be available as apps for Android and iOS

Cortana is now a popular name not only among gamers, but among Windows Phone users, who can use the services of virtual voice assistants on their smartphones.

In the fall, Cortana will debut on computers running the new Windows 10, and then is expected to be released as an app for Android and iOS, writes Reuters.

According to am news Agency, Microsoft is preparing a version of Cortana for smartphones and tablets, with platforms from Google and Apple. This is the continuation of the strategy of Satya Nadella, new CEO of the Corporation, which opens more and more services and applications from Microsoft to alternative platforms.

«This type of technology that can read and understand emails, will play a Central role in the next version of Cortana, which we are preparing to fall,» said Eric Horowitz, managing Director of Microsoft Research.

Horowitz involved in the project «Einstein», which deals with developments in the field of artificial intelligence. This team is currently preparing a more intelligent version of Cortana, but the information about «invasion» in other operating systems have not yet taken a formal.

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