Resubmit a Sitemap — Google’s instructions

By | 06.04.2016

We will not reinvent veosiped. Here are the search engine GOOGLE instructions to resubmit Sitemap files. If you follow these instructions, everything will be done correctly, and following the rules of the search engines you priblezhaet fortunately, so read and take note.

Resubmit a Sitemap — Google’s instructions

When your Sitemap changes, it can and must be resubmitted by using your Google Account Tools Webmaster or the HTTP-request.

And it looks incrementally re-submitting a Sitemap using the tools for webmasters:
1. On the main page of the Tools for webmasters to select the site you want.
2. Under Site configuration, click Files Sitemap.Vyberite Sitemap you want to resubmit, and then click the Send button again.
3. Re-submit a Sitemap by sending an HTTP request to Google:

When you select this option to send a file with a tool for webmasters is required. Column Sent will continue to show the last time you press the link, and in the column Date of last download will be a new time of the last receipt of a Sitemap Google.

To resubmit your Sitemap using an HTTP request, follow these steps.

Send your request to the following the URL:

For example, if your Sitemap is located at, you need to send a request to the following URL-encoded characters after all HTTP request using wget, curl, or another mechanism you choose.

If successful transmission request returns an HTTP status code 200. If you receive another response code, you need to send a request again. HTTP response code 200 indicates only that your Sitemap file is received by Google, not the fact that the file itself or contained in it URL-addresses are valid. To obtain status information about your Sitemap, resubmit it using Tools account for webmasters. Re-submit a Sitemap file is recommended that no more than once per hour. The easiest way to set up an automatic task, regularly creates and sends a Sitemap.

Note. Providing a Sitemap index file, only one HTTP-request to send, which includes the location of the Sitemap index file; individual requests for each Sitemap listed in the index, it is not necessary.

Source: the Sitemap Files — Help — Tools for webmasters

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