Restoring Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

Restore Windows 7

The reasons for the failure of windows system unfortunately many at serious failures, the system may refuse. Well, if the computer does not have important data that must be restored.

What if windows 7 does not start and the hard drive is very important information, which did not copy to the external nostale information? Alternatively, you can remove hard disk and connect to another computer.

But it usually takes a lot of time and some skills. It’s all on your own to restore the Windows 7 system.

Manual restore Windows 7

To restore Windows 7, You will need a disk with Windows 7.

— Insert the disc into the DVD drive.

— Enter the BIOS and set boot from DVD-ROM.

— Restart the computer.

— Boot from Windows 7 disc. When the message appears, press any key to boot to the CD or DVD press any key of the keyboard.

— Select your language and click Next:

— In the next window select the system Restore:

— In the window of system recovery options, select Your operating system that you want to restore and click the <Next>:

Next a window will appear where you can select several options to restore Windows 7:startup repair, system Restore, system image Recovery, Windows memory Diagnostics and Command prompt:

— Select startup repair. This will find missing or corrupted files that prevent to boot Windows 7 in normal mode. After you restart the operating system try to load Windows 7.

— If, after startup repair, Windows 7 is not loaded, try to choose item 2, iesystem Restore.

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