repair boot record Windows 7

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Recovery boot record Windows 7

Protected, quality adjusted computer opens up a wide range of possibilities. But even in the rare case when you have a licensed version of the operating system and PC, there is always the possibility that one day instead of the usual welcome screen will appear warning about damaging the boot loader OC.

The reasons for this are different, but they do not initially care about the user. It causes panic since there is no way to access the files you need. All this can not be, if the user knows how to restore the bootloader. Not a single reinstall can treat systemic diseases.

Does not start OS

Sources that provoke the emergence of computer errors just as much as there are problems. A lot of them. This version likes to frighten users of different blue screens with an abundance of English information. After learning the origins of such unpleasant phenomena, it is possible to assign an effective «therapy».

The main reasons are:

  • incorrectly set the boot order in Woe (if the computer has two hard drives);

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • is detected by your computer hardware issue;
  • the failure of the hard drive;
  • attempts to install an earlier version of the OS;
  • corrupt system data viruses.

The emergence of reports of damage to a boot record may also indicate that a curious admin — PC user incorrectly asked information about the active partition of the hard drive.

What can be done

To troubleshoot loader can system methods or by using information from external media. All depends on the severity of the incident changes.

Most quickly the problem can only be addressed by a special program which will be useful to write down and always keep near the PC. Manual reconstruction requires to know clearly the causes of problems and the algorithm of actions for each of the situations.

Video: Return Windows to its normal state

Recovery Windows

The user who was having problems downloading ON PC should try the following methods of restoration of OSes:

  • go into the BIOS and make sure the placement of the disc into the loading queue;
  • check all cable connections, if not detected by Winchester;
  • to test the static media antivirus program;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • to use standard options of reconstruction run.

Each of these actions corresponds to a particular stage and the cause of the problem. If you restore with standard tools fail, you can resort to recreate the boot record with the help of special programs.


Windows equipped with powerful recovery option.

Work with it it is necessary according to the following algorithm:

  • by using the F8 key is called a means of recreating the operating state of the PC;
  • in the window «advanced boot options» choose «repair your computer»;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • in the menu item «Configuration» among the five proposed means of renewed health PC choose the one that applies;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • wait the process to complete and restart your computer.

Sometimes after pressing F8 you can not see the «Troubleshooting…». This means that all necessary information is stored in the root of the hard drive and need to use other methods to return to a healthy state.

Using the command line

Command line assistant is a standard for the correct resume. It is considered one of the additional options that offer all versions of OSes.

Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

It is useful also to try to recreate the last known good configuration. With a slight deviation of the recovery of loader Windows 7 from the command line is fast and not expensive.

Resuming its use is as follows:

  1. the F8 key brings up a menu of alternative boot;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  2. with the arrow keys of the three modes is selected «Safe with command prompt»;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  3. press «Enter» and wait for the automatic reboot;
  4. if you have an installation optical media with Windows, you need to boot a window where you are prompted to restore system settings;
  5. the regeneration parameters, you need to choose «Command prompt»;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  6. go to DVD drive and type experienced by the console until, until you find the folder boot;
  7. use the command cd boot (to enter the directory), and using the bootsect/nt 60 sys copy the boot record from the media to the hard drive;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  8. exit the console, clicking exit, and restart the PC.

Windows remembers the operating parameters and enters them in the registry.

Boot from pendrive

If the system methods of recreating a working condition yielded no results, you can try restoring the boot loader of Windows 7 from a flash drive or other portable media. Clearly, they can not be.

Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

In the presence of the recorded image of the Windows installer on a flash drive or disk you can use it to resume downloading.

Plan of action:

  • insert the flash drive into the computer connector (otherwise drive);

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • in the beginning of the installation to choose an item which is responsible for the reconstruction parameters (reinstallation do not touch).

All can be done without the installation disk. Just need to record recreating the image. Need a bit of time and access running on a similar operating system computer.

Programs to work

To purchase a license or record media that will host a special program resume download OS, will never be superfluous. Such things quickly and without spending money restore functional PC settings. Special application knowledge also do not need to have.

Used such software as follows:

  • insert a USB flash drive or other portable media into the connector (floppy);

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • after launching automatically, we will collect information about the configuration download, the analysis of software and run a boot file;
  • the result will be displayed in the «configuration Information».

Program to resume boot record Windows have a fairly large set of useful tools. Therefore, use additionally any information from the Internet or the operating system media when their work is not necessary.


One of the assistants to the user of the PC can be a program Multiboot.

It has the following features:

  • returns disappeared during formatting, the files that boot record Windows. And information Vista and 7, clobbered when installing XP;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • creates a double configuration;
  • gives you the opportunity to choose to boot the default OS;
  • edit any record each of the operating system Manager and determines their placement in the menu.
  • sets the timeout;
  • exports and imports all necessary data;
  • displays complete information on the storage location of important files, the layout on disks, etc.;
  • provides the ability to start the system by manually edits the command line and specify its parameters.

Working with her is by the following algorithm:

  • insert a portable storage device with the recorded image of the program and wait until it will analyze information;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • in the main window you can see two tabs; in the first it is possible to find analytical information conducted Troubleshooting, and the second lists all the functions;
  • each mini-window, dropdown list here is the tip, which is easier to work;
  • when you resume Windows XP clobbered the boot loader of Windows 7 or Vista you need to set the checkbox in the second tab opposite to the corresponding operating system;
  • when editing, the check box need to be removed;
  • to edit any entry of the OSes in task Manager is as simple as removing the two checkboxes in the «Edit…»;
  • to set the timeout in a special tab; in line with the value of the timeout nn, the latter two-component compound to change the number of seconds (we are talking about replacing nn, digits);
  • a failed formatting of the vital sections of them can be revived in the same name tab, specifying the BcdBoot parameters;
  • after that, you only have to configure the keys, select a partition and click «Run.»

After all the operations the computer will automatically reboot. Details of the reconstruction system are shown in additional information tab.


This utility has similar functionality with the Reconstructor Multiboot, therefore, be repeated in the enumeration will not.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • to insert the media with the recorded image of the program in the drive (interface);
  • wait for the run and select «Go»;
  • select the system hard drive and click «Process MBR»;

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • in a new tab stop on the last point, set the check box and click Install.

This way you can restore the settings of any operating system.


Software Acronic has a sufficiently powerful functionality. It is one of the best for Windows. Working with him is very simple, so you should pre-record his image.

Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

The recovery plan is working condition PC following:

  • initially, you need to boot from the disc (USB drive);
  • choose «Recover data»;
  • find the folder of the loader and click «Next»;
  • in the ensuing window with the drives and partitions you need to put a check in the MBR.

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

  • press the «Enter» and wait for the completion of all corrections.

    Восстановление загрузочной записи Windows 7

This provide a very simple interface. In addition, it allows to reconstruct different elements of the operating system, not just the boot record.

The appearance of black and blue Windows, notifying us of the impossibility of running Windows is, of course, unpleasant phenomenon, but disposable. Windows 7 has its own powerful options of renewal. In addition, to eliminate problems like this can always help the installation disk with the OS and a number of special programs.

Special difficulties in working with them should not arise as everything is done in automatic mode. If necessary, manual editing utilities can give mini hints. It is desirable to store the image data on a disc or USB flash drive.

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