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By | 10.12.2018

Delete Kaspersky from computer

Thanks to the Kaspersky anti-virus user not only protects your personal computer from viruses, but also gets a whole bunch of problems, usually associated with the desire to reinstall the antivirus system or brake operating system.

For example, you need to clean your computer from antivirus completely in order to install alternative software protection from viruses. Primitive removal of application is not enough, because information about him is written in the registry of the operating system, and this allows to effectively operate the new antivirus. It is very important to know how to correctly remove the application from the computer.

Kaspersky anti-virus is installed not only in the Program Files directory, but also triggers its roots are much deeper, so it is usually to get rid of it is not so simple.

Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

This information can be useful for removing not only antivirus tools, but also any other application, information about which is registered in the registry of the operating system.

Methods of virus removal

In General, the procedure of uninstallation of the antivirus is quite trivial. However, if something goes wrong, you can bail out specialized utility to uninstall programs.

There are several ways to remove Kaspersky anti-virus:

  • the standard way (via setup wizard);
  • using KAV Remover utility Tool;
  • with the help of third party tools.

The installation wizard

Using the installation wizard to solve this problem it is necessary to adhere to the following instructions:

  • you must run the installation wizard program by going to «start > Programs > Kaspersky Anti-Virus x …». Next, click on the button «Delete»;

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

  • when you remove a program you want to specify data created and required for the operation of programs that you want to keep.

To fully clean your computer from all the information used by the program, you need to choose the «Remove the program completely.»

To save the information, select the item «Save program» and mark, what specific objects you want to save and which not:

  1. «activation information» is necessary for the function of the anti-virus key file.
  2. «the base Anti-Spam» database, which serves for recognition of unwanted emails. With the help of this module, the program divides incoming mail into useful information and spam.
  3. «the backup objects and quarantine». The «backing store» is the store exactly certain infected files. It automatically placed the files detected by antivirus signatures. «Quarantine» is a repository of suspicious files whose malicious activity has not yet been confirmed by the virus analysts.

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

    In «Quarantine» automatically placed the files detected by heuristic algorithms. Both of these vaults are used to ensure that in case of an erroneous determination of an infected file it can be restored to the disk;

  4. «parameters of operation» – values of performance characteristics of all modules of the application;
  5. «iSwift data» is a special database that stores information about audited objects, NTFS file system. Its presence is due to the need to speed up verification of the objects. By applying the information of iSwift, anti-virus controls only the objects with the modified time which is later than the time of last inspection.

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

If the time between uninstalling the old modifications and the installation of a new variation of antivirus is quite long, it is not advisable to use iSwift database left from the previous installation of the application.

  • during this period, the hard drive may get malware, which will not be detected when using this base and it can contribute to the infected workstation.
  • then you need to confirm your intention by clicking on the «Next»button;
  • after the process is complete, you must restart the system unit, which is caused by the necessity of modifications in the operating system. To enable automatic restarting is necessary in the window that appears, click «Yes.» The reboot process starts immediately. If to overload the workstation need later, should you choose to press the «No»button.

Video: The Removal Of The Antivirus Program

Special utility

Deleting of products of Laboratory — developer of the software with the standard means of Windows errors may occur, in which the application will not be completely removed.

Was previously considered the «official» methods of uninstalling, but there are times when regular methods are not able to help. In such a situation it makes sense to use to uninstall programs specialized utility.

Kav Remover

To completely remove Kaspersky from computer you can use the utility Kavremover. The tool is designed to uninstall most software products of Kaspersky Lab.

Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

To clean the entire computer from antivirus, you must do the following:

  1. upload the archive file and then extract from the archive. Or just download the executable file kavremover.exe;
  2. run the downloaded executable file kavremover.exe by double-clicking the left button of the mouse.
  3. please read carefully the License agreement. In case of agreement with him, confirm the decision by clicking «I agree»;

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

  4. in the window that appears type in the empty field the characters you see in the picture. If the code is not clear, you need to run it to regenerate. This requires pressing the button with the arrows to the right of the code image;
  5. select the menu «Found the following products» the program should be removed from the workstation and confirm by pressing «Delete»;

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

  6. the uninstall process continues quite a long time. It is necessary to wait appearances of a window with a message about the result of completing the task and click «OK» to perezagruzki;

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

  7. restart the workstation;
  8. by default, the directory in which was installed a utility created the log file kavremvr xxxx-xx-xx xx-xx-xx (pid xxxx).log that contains information about the application version Kav Remover.

    Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

It should be noted that the described utility erases from memory all the information about the license. Therefore, for a new installation of the application will need to re-enter the license key.

Crystalidea Uninstall Tool

Crystalidea Uninstall Tool is a powerful and reliable tool to uninstall programs that increase the performance of the workstation. With this utility you can comfortably, quickly and safely uninstall unneeded applications and system components from Windows.

Download Russian version of the utility from the official website of the developer CrystalIdea Software Inc.

Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

Uninstall Tool can be used for the following purposes:

  • correct removal of services;
  • cleaning the operating system from debris (temporary files), formed as a result of functioning in the system directories and other locations;
  • clean from various unused labels;
  • clean up unused entries in the registry operating system.

Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

Thus, if the standard tools of Windows has not solved the problem completely removing the antivirus from the computer, to solve the problem is not difficult with the help of such tools. Uninstall Tool — the best alternative to standard means of uninstalling applications from the Windows operating system.

How to remove virus from computer if forgot password

Often the antivirus is protected by a password to restrict access to the settings options of the application. In this case, its uninstallation is necessary to enter a password.

If the password is lost, then certain actions with the software to protect your computer from viruses to be unworkable, namely:

  • configuring options;
  • logout;
  • removal.

Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

To disable password protection, contact technical support through special service «My Kaspersky», so as to remove the protection without knowing the password is impossible without the support of Laboratory specialists.

When you remove difficulties

During the removal of the software of this developer, the user often encounters some difficulties, to overcome which difficult. In such a situation would almost certainly help the specialists of the technical support. You must submit a request describing the problem, a screenshot of the error (if they exist) and the result of GetsystemInfo utility using the «My Kaspersky».Удаляем Касперский с компьютера

A guide to working with the server can be found on the developer’s site on the FAQ page.

When deleting a Kaspersky anti-virus regular means it is possible to encounter certain errors and difficulties, and, in addition, on the hard disk can accumulate unused files, created as a result of his work. In this situation you can either try to remove it manually or use a special utility.

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