Remove Opera browser

By | 10.12.2018

Remove Opera browser

Every day there are new software updates. Not all of them are quality and stable performance with no failures and departures. In this regard, users install one of the browsers and remove the other, preferring not to leave multiple versions.

In addition, often the developers themselves recommend if you have any problems to uninstall the program completely, and then install the latest update. However, in order to remove Opera browser completely, not leaving any «footprints», you need to know how to do it.

Ways to remove

There are several ways to remove. It is sometimes necessary to use different methods for uninstalling browsers or their versions.

Usually, there are such tools:

  • staff software used Windows OS;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  • third-party software designed to remove.

Some of the options for erasing software from your computer leaves user files and entries in the registry that could cause failure or problems installing the new version.

Standard means Windows

To remove Opera regular means Windows needs to do the following:

  1. go to «start» and select «control Panel»;
  2. find the section «Programs and features» (in versions of windows below the seventh choose «add or remove programs»);

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  3. to find the correct program to uninstall, in this case Opera;
  4. to launch the process by double-clicking on the browser with the left mouse button;
  5. a window should open install/uninstall programs;
  6. must activate the item «delete user data»;
  7. follow the prompts in the uninstallation program Opera.

If you want to select additional settings erase Opera computer by activating the «user data», press the «More»button.

This is a very important and necessary in order to select to save the file, for example, if you need to leave your favorites.

Uninstalling using Ccleaner

The standard uninstall using the standard Windows tools can not work if the program update/reinstall damaged by viruses or removed. Also the uninstallation could pass successfully, but after installing the new version of Opera settings, visited pages or user data preserved.

Удаляем браузер Опера

In this case, the best solution is to use special software. One of the most popular tools to clean your computer from «junk» is Ccleaner.

Unnecessary include of the old file links and registry entries, and unnecessary temporary files. In addition, the complex is to clean your computer contains powerful Uninstaller.

In order to perform the desired operation, you must:

  1. download and install the free version of Ccleaner from the official website;Удаляем браузер Опера
  2. run the program;
  3. in the side menu, select «Service»;
  4. should activate the option «Remove programs» (if not, you need to choose the appropriate option);
  5. locate your Opera browser and select it;
  6. the left menu button «Uninstall» will become active, and you need to press;
  7. follow the actions offered by the software.

Удаляем браузер Опера

Ccleaner when you remove yourself should find and delete registry entries of the Opera. However, it is better to play it safe and go to clean registry from unwanted and obsolete entries.

Video: Remove Opera

How to remove Opera from the registry

Search and delete from registry program Ccleaner automatically.

To start the process you need to:

  1. go to the tab «Register», selecting it in the menu on the right;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  2. to select the checkboxes of the required to search for and clean (you can select all points);
  3. click «Search problems»;
  4. to wait;
  5. click «Fix»;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  6. Ccleaner will offer to save the modified file record. It is recommended to do this in order to in the event of a failure was an opportunity to return to the previous state of the registry;
  7. wait for the cleanup.

However, this may not be enough. In this case, you will have to access the registry to remove the entry manually.

This can be done in the following way:

  1. go to «start»;
  2. select «Run» or in the case of a modern version of Windows to take advantage of the search string;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  3. to run the program «regedit»;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  4. in the window that appears, open the menu «edit»;
  5. select «Find»;

    Удаляем браузер Опера

  6. enter in search box the name of the browser «opera»;
  7. to manually delete all the found entries, selecting them, right-click and choosing the appropriate action.

Ready! After these steps, you can install the new version, not doubting the occurrence of incompatibilities or conflicts over unnecessary registry entries.

To remove Opera or files may be needed in many cases. Some are switching to other browsers, other changed settings and can’t go back to the original version, the third – problems because of viruses.

The most important thing. – thoroughly clean the system in order to avoid failures.

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